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# Автор
7601 Draganov, I. R., Dinev, P., Boumbarov, O. L., Accelerated search of human activity registered by non-invasive sensors (2017)
7602 Brodic, D., Draganov, I. R., Milivojevic, Z., Tasic, V., Comparison of vertical projection profile, moment-based and initial skew rate algorithm for text skew estimation (2017)
7603 Popova, A. A., Garcia, J., Neshov, N. N., Draganov, I. R., Brodic, D., Finding URLs in images by text extraction in DCT domain, recognition and matching in dictionary (2015)
7604 Draganov, I. R., Kountchev, R. K., Georgieva, V. M., Compression of CT images with branched inverse pyramidal decomposition (2014)
7605 Georgieva, V. M., Kountchev, R. K., Draganov, I. R., An adaptive approach for noise reduction in sequences of CT images (2014)
7606 Brodic, D., Maluckov, C., Milivojevic, Z., Draganov, I. R., Differentiation of the script using adjacent local binary patterns (2014)
7607 Draganov, I. R., Inverse pyramid decomposition of wavelet spectrum for image compression (2014)
7608 Draganov, I. R., Kountchev, R. K., Georgieva, V. M., Medical images transform by multistage PCA-Based algorithm (2013)
7609 Georgieva, V. M., Kountchev, R. K., Draganov, I. R., An adaptive enhancement of X-Ray images (2013)
7610 Draganov, I. R., Popova, A. A., Neshov, N. N., Asymptotic state of one-dimensional SOM at normal point density input passed through non-linear channel (2010)
7611 Draganov, I. R., Popova, A. A., Ivanov, L., Multilingual names database searching enhancement (2008)
7612 Draganov, I. R., Popova, A. A., Handwritten text preprocessing algorithm applying SUSAN principle (2007)
7613 Ivanova, M. S., Science Education in Bulgaria (2022)
7614 Panagiev, O. B., Reception of DVB-T signals: peculiarities and problems (2017)
7615 Панагиев, О. Б., Радио- и телевизионни системи и мрежи: ръководство за лабораторни упражнения (2018)
7616 Панагиев, О. Б., Ръководство за лабораторни упражнения по радиокомуникационни системи (2019)
7617 Lazarova, M. K., Big Data Architectural Models for Smart and Sustainable Cities (2019)
7618 Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Komarski, D. P., Optimization of Butterfly Flexures for Angular Positioning (2021)
7619 Diakov, D. I., Komarski, D. P., Micro-positioning Module for Angular Orientation Position of the Axis of Rotation Analysis (2021)
7620 Diakov, D. I., Radev, H. K., Nikolova, H. N., Miteva, R. P., Vassilev, V. A., Dual-channel Laser Measuring system Study (2021)
7621 Diakov, D. I., Dichev, D. A., Dicheva, R. D., Zhelezarov, I. S., Kupriyanov, O., Analysis of instrumental errors influence on the accuracy of instruments for measuring parameters of moving objects (2021)
7622 Diakov, D. I., Measurement of Location Deviations of Flat Surfaces (2021)
7623 Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Radev, H. K., Metrology Assurance of Assembling DESY’s XFEL Free-Electron Laser Accelerator of Elementary Particles (2021)
7624 Dukendjiev, G. K., Diakov, D. I., Establishment and development of the center for competence in mechatronics and clean technologies “MIRACle” in TU-Sofia (2021)
7625 Svitlana Gavrylenko., Victor Chelak., Oleksii Hornostal., Vassilev, V. A., DEVELOPMENT OF A METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING THE STATE OF A COMPUTER SYSTEM USING FUZZY CLUSTER ANALYSIS (2020)
7626 Zhmud V., Dimitrov, L. V., Mansurova M., Semibalamut V., Fomin Y., Stukach O., Monitoring System of Seismo Dynamics of Rocks for Recording Earthquake Precursors (2021)
7627 Zhmud., Dimitrov, L. V., Sablina G., Roth H., O., n the Inapplicability of the Padé Approximation for Controlling Object Consisting of Delay Link and Integrator (2021)
7628 Данева, М. Й., Николова, М. К., ФАКТОРЪТ „НАГЛАСИ“ И ОТПАДАНЕТО ОТ УЧИЛИЩЕ (2020)
7630 Тенева, М. И., Тайм мениджмънт в образованието (2021)
7632 Uzunov, I. M., Arabadzhiev, T. N., Dynamical modeling of dissipative solitons in the presence of intrapulse Raman scattering and nonlinear gain (2021)
7633 Pencheva, E. N., Atanasov, I. I., E. Dimitrova., Implementation Aspects of Mobile Edge Location Service in 5G (2021)
7634 Prodanova, K. S., Ruseva V., Rakovska R., Protein binding of piroxicam studied by means of affinity chromatography and circular dichroism, (1999)
7635 V. Markova., T. Ganchev., Pencheva, E. N., Atanasov, I. I., Intelligent Architecture for Real-time Personal Health Monitoring in the Context of 3G/4G/5G Networks (2021)
7636 Grigorova, T. G., Vuchev A., Vuchev S., Loss Power Investigation in an LLC DC-DC Converter Operating Above the Resonant Frequency (2021)
7637 Szekeres, A., Alexandrova, S., Halova, E. Y., Gartner, M., Anastasescu, M., Stoica, M., Osiceanu, P., Marin, A., “Silicon nanoparticles formed in silicon oxуnitride by oxidation of plasma immersion N+ implanted silicon surface layer” (2013)
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7639 Pachedjieva, B. K., Huang Xiaoyan, et al. Application of Shapley-fuzzy neural network method in long-term rolling prediction of typhoon satellite cloud images in South China. Chinese Journal of Meteorology, 2021, 79.2: 309-327. (1998)
7640 Ivanov S., Hinov, N. L., Smart System for Control and Monitoring a DC Motor (2021)
7641 Kirov, B. B., Peykov S., Chapter 2 - Design and characterization of synthetic promoters (2022)
7642 Grigorov E., Peykov S., Kirov, B. B., Novel Microfluidics Device for Rapid Antibiotics Susceptibility Screening (2022)
7643 Yaneva, S. C., Nikolova V., Damyanova L., Ensuring the safety of people, facilities and buildings from the harmful impact of the explosion (2021)
7644 Yaneva, S. C., Nikolova V., Damyanova L., Specific requirements for objects for production and storage of explosives and ammunition (2021)
7645 Marinova, I. Y., Mateev, V. M., Determination of electromagnetic properties of human tissues (2010)
7646 Станчев, Г. С., Георгиева, Д. С., Автоматизиране на процеса на проектиране на принципни електрически схеми и печатни платки за електронни устройства с CAD системи (2019)
7647 Todorova, E. A., Goranov, P. V., Georgieva, D. S., An analysis if the structure of harmonized standards towards „Product desicn-safety requirements” mapping (2019)
7648 Goranov, P. V., Todorova, E. A., Georgieva, D. S., Concept for CAD provision with requirements of harmonized standards (2019)
7649 Ilieva, B. P., Stanchev, G. S., Georgieva, D. S., European requirements in the production of food packaging products (2019)
7650 Goranov, P. V., Georgieva, D. S., Lectures-student interaction in distance learning: a case study on engineering graphics practicals (2021)