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# Автор
8101 Andreev, O. D., BabamovaTsenova, V. B., Tsenov, G. T., Application of Neural networks for time series electrical consumption forecasts (2021)
8102 Павлова, Г. В., Давид Авишай., Академично обучение по интелигентно инженерство, подготовка на инженерни кадри за четвъртата индустриална революция (2022)
8103 Павлова, Г. В., Изкуствен интелект и роботика (2022)
8104 Трифонов, Р. И., Павлова, Г. В., Цочев, Г. Р., Проблеми на колаборативната работа на хoра и роботи (2019)
8105 Rizanov, S. M., Yakimov, P. I., Stoynova, A. V., Evaluation of IR micro-grid livestock wellbeing monitoring stand (2022)
8106 Tzvetkov, P.M., Galabov, K.S., Kodjabashev, I.N., Algorithm for measurement and processing of results from total harmonic distortion calibration of power quality analyzers by using standard periodic non-harmonic signals (2021)
8107 Ivanova, D. A., Batchkova I., Panjaitan S., Frey G., Combining IEC 61499 and ISA S88 for batch control (2009)
8108 Pavlova, G. V., Pavlov, V. I., Petrov, B., Dimitrov, N., Avishay, David., Industry 4.0-Robots with distributed mobility and elements of artificial intelligence (2019)
8109 Алексиева-Петрова, А. П., Наков, О. Н., Моллов, В. С., Изграждане на инфраструктура за електронни форми на обучение на студенти по компютърно инженерство (2019)
8110 Mollov, V. S., Combined approach for evaluation and calculation of CMOS logic circuits timing capabilities (2018)
8111 Gilev, B. G., Vacheva, G. V., Plamen Stanchev., Hinov, N. H., Design Consideration of Charging Station with Hybrid Energy Sources (2022)
8112 Angelov, G. V., Note on an Generalized Solution of the Three-Conductor Transmission Line Equations (2020)
8113 Angelov, G. V., Analysis of a 3-Conductor Transmission Line with Nonlinear Resistive Loads (2021)
8114 Ivanova V. D., Tashev, T. A., Draganov, R. I., SURVEY ON IOT BOTNETS (2021)
8115 Vita, V., Christodoulou C.A., Zafeiropoulos E., Mladenov, V. M., Chobanov, V. Y., Asprou M., Kyriakides E., Flexibility adequacy assessment in the SEE region with new technology integration (2022)
8116 Marinov, M. B., Nikolov, N. L., Dimitrov S. V., Todorov, T. S., Stoyanova, Y. P., Nikolov, G. T., Linear Interval Approximation for Smart Sensors and IoT Devices (2022)
8117 Zagorski, M. H., Todorov, G. D., Nikolov, N. L., Sofronov, Y. P., Kandeva, M. K., Investigation on wear of biopolymer parts produced by 3D printing in lubricated sliding conditions (2022)
8118 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Bessel type functions as multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions: Erdélyi–Kober integral relations (2021)
8119 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Series in Le Roy type functions: Theorems in the complex plane (2021)
8120 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Series in Le Roy type functions: A set of results in the complex plane –A survey (2021)
8121 Dimitrov, S. I., The quaternary Piatetski-Shapiro inequality with one prime of the form p=x^2+y^2+1 (2022)
8122 Dimitrov, S. I., On an equation with prime numbers close to squares (2022)
8123 Dimitrov, S. I., On a logarithmic equation by primes (2022)
8124 Karakolev, R. G., Dimitrov, L. V., Analysis of electrical motor mechanical failures due to bearings (2018)
8125 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., From Bessel to Multi-Index Mittag-Leffler Functions: Enumerable Families, Series in them and Convergence (2016)
8126 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Theorems on the convergence of series in generalized Lommel-Wright functions (2007)
8127 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Multi-index (3m-parametric) Mittag-Leffler functions and fractional calculus (2011)
8128 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., A family of hyper-Bessel functions and convergent series in them (2014)
8129 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Differential and integral relations in the class of multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions (2018)
8130 Paneva-Konovska, J. D., Kiryakova, V. S., On the multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions and their Mellin transforms (2020)
8131 Hristov, V. D., Saliev, D. N., Slavov, D. V., Artificial Intelligence Systems For Warehouses Stocks Control (2022)
8132 Hristov, V. D., Slavov, D. V., Damyanov, I. S., Mladenov, G. D., Machine Learning for Automation of Warehouse Activities (2022)
8133 Borovska, P. I., Ivanova, D. A., Classifiers design and implementation for material recognition on a heterogeneous computer cluster (2010)
8134 Ivanova, D. A., Frey G., Batchkova I., Intelligent component based batch control using IEC61499 and ANSI/ISA S88 (2008)
8135 Mladenov, V. M., Zaykov, I. D., Kirilov, S. M., A Nonlinear Titanium Dioxide Memristor Model for Memory Crossbars Analysis (2022)
8136 Mladenov, V. M., Zaykov, I. D., Kirilov, S. M., Application of a Nonlinear Drift Memristor Model in Analogue Reconfigurable Devices (2022)
8137 Mladenov, V. M., Kirilov, S. M., Zaykov, I. D., A General Model for Metal Oxide-Based Memristors and Application in Filters (2022)
8138 Mladenov, V. M., Kirilov, S. M., A Modified Metal Oxide Memristor Model (2022)
8139 Mladenov, V. M., Kirilov, S. M., An Improved Model for Metal Oxide-Based Memristors and Application in Memory Crossbars (2022)
8140 Kirilov, S. M., Zaykov, I. D., A Metal Oxide Memristor-Based Oscillators and Filters (2022)
8141 Radoglou-Grammatikis, P., Sarigiannidis, P., Efstathopoulos, G., Lagkas, T., Sarigiannidis, A., Mladenov, V. M., Siaxabanis, N., Defending Industrial Internet of Things Against Modbus/TCP Threats: A Combined AI-Based Detection and SDN-Based Mitigation Solution (2022)
8143 Zhilevski, M. M., Mikhov, M. R., Analysis of Mechanical Operations in a Type of Machining Centers (2022)
8144 Zhilevski, M. M., Hristov, V. D., Approach for Implementation of Vending Machine through Verilog HDL (2022)
8145 Маринов, М. Ц., Лора Любомирова Маринова - Л Л Маринова., ПРИОРИТЕТНО КОМБИНИРАНЕ НА МЕТОДИ ЗА МАШИНЕН ПРЕВОД (2018)
8146 Yatchev, I. S., Balabozov, I. S., Gueorgiev, V. T., Hadzhiev, I. S., Optimization of a hybrid electromagnetic system with magnetic modulation (2022)
8147 Kolev, L., Mladenov, V. M., FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Interval criterion for stability analysis of discrete-time nural networks with partial state saturation nonlinearities (2004)
8148 Ruzhekov, G. T., Electroplating Plant Control System (2022)
8149 Kula А., Georgieva А., Ruzhekov, G. T., Modeling and Control of Rectification Column (2022)
8150 Ibram, D. Y., Gueorgiev, V. T., Comparative analysis of two simulation models for reactive power compensation in grid tied single-phase photovoltaic systems (2022)