Autors: Stoynova, A. V., Bonev, B. B.
Title: Improvement the temperature signal filtering in lock-in thermography
Keywords: lock-in thermography, thermal modelling, temperature signal filtering

Abstract: At present, lock-in thermography is widely used non-destructive method for defects detection. The informative images in lock-in thermography (e.g. phasegram) are obtained after temperature signal filtering of the raw data. The postprocessing in lock-in thermography is more complex than in other active thermography methods and very important for defects detectability. In some cases the standard postprocessing can significantly decrease the quality of the temperature signal filtering, respectively decreasing defects detectability, although the parameters of lock-in thermography measurement are selected correctly. The aim of the paper is to study the quality of temperature signal filtering in lock-in thermography depending on used offline postprocessing. For this reason, a methodology based on modelling and measurements of temperature signals from infrared thermography for determination of cases, in which the temperature signal filtering quality is decreased significantly, is used and co



    CSCC 2018, vol. 210, pp. 5, 2018, Spain, MATEC Web Conf.,

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