Autors: Milushev, G. M.
Title: Analysis of Load Profiles with Dynamic Loads, External Consumption and Added PV Generation
Keywords: Energy efficiency, Load management, Photovoltaic systems, Power engineering, Power generation

Abstract: The Examination of Load Profiles is a powerful method for specifying problematic loads in installations. The examiner's experience plays a significant role in reaching the proper conclusions and deciding the next actions to mitigate negative effects, disconnection, replacing, or removal of the problematic loads. Usually, an examiner gains experience over time as they encounter various cases throughout their career. A way to expedite the process of obtaining a better experience is by sharing and studying complex cases documented by other experts from the engineering community. The present paper aims to share an experience of analysis of load profiles of a client with very dynamic own loads, additional external consumption out of his own premises and installed PV generation for internal needs only.



    Proceedings of the TU – Sofia, vol. 71, issue 4, pp. 39-43, 2021, Bulgaria, Издателство на ТУ-София, DOI 10.47978/TUS.2021.71.04

    Copyright ТУ-София

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