Autors: Mihova, T. B., Ivanova, I. M., Николова - Алексиева.
Title: E-Learning - the practice in industrial enterprises
Keywords: E-Learning, E-Learning systems, E-Learning instruments, E-Learning methods

Abstract: The dynamic development of technology in today's digital world entails changes in the business models, thus predetermining a radical turn in human resource management (HRM). We witness the constant readjustment of the functions of HRM professionals due to the creation and implementation of new technologies. Among the most currently used technologies are: E-Learning, social networks, mobile technologies, learning management systems, virtual reality, chat bots, gamification and artificial intelligence. The authors explore in this report the E-learning practices in the industrial enterprises. Based on their survey, they draft conclusions and provide methodological guidelines for overcoming the weaknesses in the process of online training of the personnel in the industrial enterprises.



    , 2021, Bulgaria, Plovdiv, DOI: 10.1109/ICAI52893.2021.9639679

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