Autors: Aleksandrova I., Stoynova, A. V., Aleksandrov A.
Title: Modelling and Multi-objective Optimization of Elastic Abrasive Cutting of C45 and 42Cr4 Steels
Keywords: elastic abrasive cutting, multi-objective optimization, generalized utility function, С45 steel, 42Cr4 steel

Abstract: Elastic abrasive cutting is a new high-performance method to produce workpieces made of materials of different hardness, which ensures lower wear of cut-off wheels and higher quality machined surfaces. However, the literature referring to elastic abrasive cutting is scarce; additional studies are thus needed. This paper proposes a new approach for modelling and optimizing the elastic abrasive cutting process, reflecting the specifics of its particular implementation. A generalized utility function has been chosen as an optimization parameter. It appears as a complex indicator characterizing the response variables of the elastic abrasive cutting process. The proposed approach has been applied to determine the optimum conditions of elastic abrasive cutting of С45 and 42Cr4 steels. To solve the optimization problem, a model of the generalized utility function reflecting the complex influence of the elastic abrasive cutting conditions has been developed. It is based on the findings of the



    Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 67, issue 12, pp. 635-648, 2021, Slovenia, Association of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians of Slovenia, DOI 10.5545/sv-jme.2021.7327

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