Autors: Brayanov N., Stoynova, A. V.
Title: Evaluation of Model-Based Code Generation for Embedded System-Mature Approach for Development in Evolution
Keywords: Embedded code generation, embedded C code quality, embedded systems, model-based development.

Abstract: Model-based development approach is gaining more support and acceptance. Its higher abstraction level brings simplification of systems’ description that allows domain experts to do their best without particular knowledge in programming. The different levels of simulation support the rapid prototyping, verifying and validating the product even before it exists physically. Nowadays model-based approach is beneficial for modelling of complex embedded systems as well as a generation of code for many different hardware platforms. Moreover, it is possible to be applied in safety-relevant industries like automotive, which brings extra automation of the expensive device certification process and especially in the software qualification. Using it, some companies report about cost savings and quality improvements, but there are others claiming no major changes or even about cost increases. This publication demonstrates the level of maturity and autonomy of model-based approach for code generati



    International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering, vol. 13, issue 8, pp. 455-460, 2019, United States, WASET,

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