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# Автор
6001 Vetova, S. M., The Internet of Medical Imaging Things and In Silico Knowledge Discovery (2020)
6002 Stefanov, I. Z., Mass-spin relation of black holes obtained by twin high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations (2020)
6003 Петрова, Ц. С., Вредни за околната среда продукти при газификация и изгаряне на твърди биогорива (2021)
6004 Stefanov, I. Z., X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations and estimates of the mass and the spin of the neutron star in 4U 1728-34 (2020)
6005 Naydenova, I. I., Sandv, O. L., Velichkova, R. T., Primary gaseous emissions during biomass combustion (2021)
6006 Velichkova, R. T., Antonov, I. S., Modelling of Occurance and Development of Fire in Confined Spaces (2021)
6007 Galabova, L. P., Daskalova, M. S., Intellectual capital based management control systems (2020)
6008 Daskalova, M. S., Ivanova, D. A., Interaction between management control systems and big data analytics: A conceptual framework (2021)
6009 Ilieva, R. J., Anguelov, K. P., Vladislav Lazarov., Goleshevska, V. L., Virtual Gaming Platform Customer Experience Evaluation (2018)
6010 Anguelov, K. P., Kaynakchieva, Vessela., Adapted managerial mathematical model to study the functions and interactions between enterprises in high-tech cluster (2017)
6011 Hinov, N. L., Madzharov, N.D., Grozdanov, D. N., Electromagnetic analysis of a contactless charging station for electric vehicles (2020)
6012 Cepenas, M., Peng, B., Andriukaitis, D., Ravikumar, C., Markevicius, V., Dubauskiene, N., Navikas, D., Valinevicius, A., Zilys, M., Merfeldas, A., Hinov, N. L., Research of pvdf energy harvester cantilever parameters for experimental model realization (2020)
6013 Dimitrov D. I., Peev, M. P., Starting Regime of an Electronic Startup Regulating Apparatus for Fluorescent Lamps (2020)
6014 Mironov, R. P., Draganov, I. R., Multidimensional Graphic Objects Filtration Using HoSVD Tensor Decomposition (2021)
6015 Draganov, I. R., Mironov, R. P., Tracking of Domestic Animals in Thermal Videos by Tensor Decompositions (2021)
6016 Неделчева, С. И., Мацанков, М. И., Ръководство за курсово проектиране по комутационна и защитна техника (2019)
6017 Мацанков, М. И., Краткосрочно прогнозиране на електрическите товари (2019)
6018 Dimitrov, E. T., Computer program for indicator diagram processing of the internal combustion engine (2020)
6019 Nedelchev, N. A., Matsankov, M. I., Increasing The Sensitivity Of The Digital Relay Protection Against Turn-To-Turn Short Circuits And Asymmetries In Wind Power Generators (2020)
6020 Nedelcheva, S. I., Matsankov, M. I., Mehmed Hassan., Choice Of An Optimal Variant For Incorporation Of Decentralized Energy Sources Into Electrical Networks (2020)
6021 Nedelcheva, S. I., Matsankov, M. I., Mehmed Hassan., Study of the options for joining decentralized electricity generation to the power distribution grid (2020)
6022 J. N Bakardjieva., Matsankov, M. I., Svatoslav Slavov., Sectioning of branches of distribution networks with connected wind power plants (2020)
6023 Mihova, T. B., Anguelov, K. P., Ferdov, A. L., Specificity of Training of Employees in High-technological Enterprises (2018)
6024 Pleshkova, S. P., Panchev, K. V., Development of a MIDI Synthesizer for Test Signals to a Wireless Acoustic Sensor Network (2020)
6025 Pleshkova, S. G., Panchev, K. V., Acoustic Sensor Network for Acoustic Measurements in Closed Rooms (2020)
6026 Pleshkova, S. G., Panchev, K. V., Capturing and Transferring of Acoustic Information in a Closed Room via Wireless Acoustic Sensor Network (2021)
6027 Anguelov, K. P., Miglena Angelova., Ivanova, M. D., Mathematical approach for ex-ante evaluation of projects funded by European funds in state university (2018)
6028 Anguelov, K. P., Tzvetana Stoyanova., Hristov, M. K., Model for multi-objective optimization according to Pareto principle of business interactions in a production cluster composed by participant organizations with the same business activities (2018)
6029 Georgiev, M. G., Stanev, R. H., Krusteva, A. P., Flexible load control in electric power systems with distributed energy resources and electric vehicle charging" (2016)
6030 Bardos L., Libra M., Krusteva, A. P., Probe diagnostics op the planar magnetron discharge (1986)
6031 Илиев, Г. Л., Миховска, А., Вълкова-Джарвис, З. В., Михайлова, Д. А., Практически сценарии за реализация на КФС (2020)
6032 Danov, P. Y., Gotseva, D. A., Tomov, Y. K., Web-Based Information System for City Transport Management (2020)
6033 Papazyan, R. M., Concepts for market-based MV cable operations and maintenance using insulation parameters measurements (2020)
6034 Papazyan, R. M., Eriksson, R., Calibration for time domain propagation constant measurements on power cables (2003)
6035 Papazyan, R. M., Pettersson, P., Edin, H., Eriksson, R., Gäfvert, U., Extraction of high frequency power cable characteristics from S-parameter measurements (2004)
6036 Papazyan, R. M., Pettersson, P., Pommerenke, D., Wave propagation on power cables with special regard to metallic screen design (2007)
6037 Bengtsson, T., Dijkhuizen, F., Ming, L., Sahlén, F., Liljestrand, L., Bormann, D., Papazyan, R. M., Dahlgren, M., Repetitive fast voltage stresses - Causes and effects (2009)
6038 Neimanis, R., Eriksson, R., Papazyan, R. M., Diagnosis of Moisture in Oil/Paper Distribution Cables - Part II: Water Penetration in Cable Insulation-Experiment and Modeling (2004)
6039 Vacheva, G. I., Hinov, N. L., Modeling and simulation of hybrid electric vehicles (2021)
6040 Stancheva, R. D., Iatcheva, I. I., 3-D electromagnetic force distribution in the end region of turbogenerator (2009)
6041 Димитров, Й. С., Въведение в икономиката на транспорта (2020)
6042 Stoynov, Y. D., Mode III crack problems in functionally graded piezoelectric/piezomagnetic composites by BIEM (2011)
6043 Bonev, B. B., The impact of the synchronization between infrared camera and excitation source on defects detection quality in lock-in thermography measurements (2020)
6044 Гераскова, О. Д., Мениджмънт на промените в индустриалното предприятие (2021)
6045 Гераскова, О. Д., Маркетинг и мениджмънт на транспорта (2021)
6046 Гераскова, О. Д., Основи на мениджмънта (2014)
6047 Гераскова, О. Д., Индустриален мениджмънт/Индустриален мениджмънт и маркетинг (2013)
6048 Петрова, Ц. С., Ръководство за курсово проектиране по Енергийни съоръжения в Ядрени електрически централи (2021)
6049 Петрова, Ц. С., Моделиране на отравянето на ядрен реактор с Хе-135 (2016)
6050 Петрова, Ц. С., Моделни изследвания на отравянето на ядрен реактор от самарий-149 (2017)