Autors: Dimova, G. T.
Title: Ageing Management Effectiveness for NPP’s
Keywords: Nuclear Power Plant, Ageing, Effectiveness

Abstract: Atomic energy today is used for electricity generation, medical and scientific research, or for exploring of submarine and cosmic worlds. There are over 450 nuclear reactors in operation worldwide. A plant's operating life for a specified service-time period is justified by the required strength margin. Normally, the operating design life of nuclear reactors is 30-40 years. As at October 2016, of all the reactors in operation, 79 had been operated for over 40 years, while the service life of another 182 had exceeded 30 years. Often the owners of nuclear power plants (NPP) make decisions to extend the plant life of the power units: these capacities are the source of various benefits for society such as cheap electricity, energy independence, jobs, knowledge and technological development. However, in the operation of nuclear power plants and particularly the older ones, the level of safety should not be decreased.



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