Autors: Arnaudov, D. D., Kishkin, K. I., Dimitrov, V. V.
Title: An Algorithm and Circuits for Active Balancing Systems
Keywords: algorithm, active balancing, Li – Ion battery, synchronous r

Abstract: this article studies the influence of simultaneous operation between a converter for charging Li – Ion batteries and a converter for active voltage balancing (active BMS). The voltage equalization system consists of resonant inverters with synchronous voltage doubler rectifier (SVDR) connected to their outputs. This system is applicable for batteries made of either Li – Ion cells or supercapacitor cells. Simulation model has been developed for analysis of the converters. The results are confirmed by an experimental stand.



    International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus & Technologies (SIELA), pp. 4, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/SIELA49118.2020.9167066.

    Copyright IEEE

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