Autors: Dimova, G. T., Yurukov V., Djivdjanov K.
Title: Critical defect size assessment in pipelines on a nuclear power plant
Keywords: Nuclear Power Plant, Critical defect, Size

Abstract: In many energy industry structures, pipeline systems are subject to the impact of mechanical forces, moments of forces and fluid flows of high pressure and temperature. These load factors cause defects in the pipeline metal. As the years of operation increase, defects may occur and grow, which may lead to the destruction of pipeline walls. Special measures have been planned and implemented to ensure the safe operation of high-energy facilities. This study focused on pipelines and nozzles of nuclear power plant equipment with bimetal welded joints on which the size of critical defects was assessed. The base of assessment covers material properties, temperature and stress fields, fracture mechanics calculations. This study involves developing of finite element models and implementing simulations on them in order to obtain temperature fields and determine the stress-strain state of the component.



    MATEC Web of Conferences, 145, 05014 (2018) NCTAM - 13 –th National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol. 145, 2018, Bulgaria, Sofia,

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