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# Автор
8251 Danlos, A., Podevin, P., Deligant, M., Clenci, A., Punov, P. B., Guilain, S., Turbocharger surge behavior for sudden valve closing downstream the compressor and effect of actuating variable nozzle turbine (2022)
8252 Dineva, P., Stoynov, Y. D., Rangelov, T., Dynamic fracture behavior of nanocracked graded magnetoelectroelastic solid (2021)
8253 Punov, P. B., Niculae, M., Clenci, A., Mihalkov, S., Iorga-Siman, V., Danlos, A., Assessment of the Miller cycle operation in a spark ignition engine via 1D numerical simulation (2022)
8254 Георгиева, Д. С., Горанов, П. В., Банкелли Л. Ф., Анализ на законодателството и изискванията за безопасност към материалите за опаковки на храни (2022)
8255 Chervenkov, A. G., Identification of Lighting Clouds Presented by Electric Dipole (2022)
8256 Grigorov, E. R., J. A. Denev., Kirov, B. B., Galabov, V. T., Parameters influencing the droplet formation in a focusing microfluidic channel (2021)
8257 Petrova, T. S., Naydenova, I. I., Ferreira, R., Karakirova, Y., Costa, M., Chemical Characteristics of Flue Gas Particulates: An Experimental Investigation (2021)
8258 Gancheva, V. S., Parallel Multithreaded Medical Images Filtering (2021)
8259 Draganov, I. R., Gancheva, V. S., Optimal Bilateral Filtering of CT Images (2021)
8260 Hrischev, R. N., ERP Systems in Corrugated Packaging Industry (2022)
8261 Tsenev, V. P., Monitoring and stabilization of the Fully automatic robotic sensor assembly line in the conditions of digital twins (2022)
8262 Ivanova, M. S., Learning Performance Improvement Through Participation in Online Seminar: Machine Learning Analysis (2022)
8263 Ivanova, M. S., Rozeva, A. G., Stoyanov S., Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms for Analysis of Noise Characteristics in Electronic Circuits (2022)
8264 Stamov, T. G., Discrete Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks of the Cohen–Grossberg Type for Engineering Design Symmetry Related Problems: Practical Stability of Sets Analysis (2022)
8265 Lu Z., Ilieva, R. Y., Ivanova, M. S., Machine Learning for Performance Management of Robot-Assisted Cerebral Palsy Training System (2023)
8266 Николов, Н. Л., Върху синтеза на предавателен шарнирен четиризвенен механизъм по безкрайно близки положения (2022)
8267 Vasileva, E. P., Methodology for Reliability Assessment of Distribution Networks with Decentralized Energy Resources Connected (2022)
8268 Gospodinova, D. N., Neznakomova, M. N., Investigation of the Fiber-Forming Properties from Ternary Solutions Containing PVA and Nutraceptics Additives on Electrospinning Process (2022)
8269 Baeva, S. K., Hinova, I. S., Power Load Profiles and Subsequent Analysis for Combined Energy Sources (2023)
8270 Baeva, S. K., Nikolov N., Creating a Website for Optimal Distribution of Investments of a High-Tech Company (2023)
8271 Svinarov A., Baeva, S. K., Mathematical Model and Mobile Application to Support Decision-Making in Conditions of Uncertainty when Investing in Terrains for Construction of Renewable Energy Sources (2023)
8272 Стамов, Т. Г., Lipschitz stability analysis of fractional-order impulsive delayed reaction-diffusion neural network models (2022)
8273 Romansky, R. P., Statistical analysis of empirical network traffic data from program monitoring (2022)
8274 Romansky, R. P., Digital Age and Personal Data Protection (Monograph brief presentation) (2022)
8275 Кралов, И. М., Минчев, Н., Д., Минчевр Н., Н., Шум и вибрации (2022)
8276 Romansky, R. P., Technological aspects of E-Governance (2022)
8277 Romansky, R. P., Stochastic approach to investigate protected access to information resources in combined e-learning environment (2022)
8278 Lazarova, M. K., Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Optimisation for Solving Curricula Time-Tabling Problem (2016)
8279 Vladkova, T. G., Gospodinova, D. N., Plasma Based Approaches for Deposition and Grafting of Antimicrobial Agents to Polymer Surfaces (2022)
8280 Atanasov, V. T., Stoilov, D. G., Determining the Places for Installation of Remote Power Disconnectors in Overhead Power Lines (2022)
8281 Калдъшев, Ц. П., CAM/CNC Технологии (2022)
8282 Калдъшев, Ц. П., Методология за разработване на специализирани постпроцесори (2022)
8283 Nikolova, E. S., Dimitrov, V. V., Hranov, T. H., Gieva, E. E., Remote Tracking System for ECG Signal with Textile Electrodes (2022)
8284 Петров, Н. И., Димитров, В. П., Димитрова, В. К., Изследване на вероятността за поразяване на инфраструктурни обекти при терористичен акт с огнестрелно оръжие (2022)
8285 Ivanova, M. S., Stošović M. A., Machine Learning and Rules Induction in Support of Analog Amplifier Design (2022)
8286 Petrov, N. I., Dimitrov, V. P., Dimitrova, V. K., Statistical Regulation of the Reliability of the Industrial System for Automated Management (2012)
8287 Димитрова, В. К., Табакова, Б. М., Димитров, В. П., Eкспериментално изследване на поведението на пукнатини по МКЕ, при високоскоростно фрезоване с палцови едноканални фрези, чрез модул Simulation Xpress на CAD система SOLID Works (2013)
8288 Димитров, В. П., Кирилов Хр., Димитрова, В. К., Проектиране на контролно приспособление – CGCT.01 за измерване на конструктивни и геометрични параметри на многозъбови инструменти (2013)
8289 Димитров, В. П., Димитрова, В. К., Христов К., Конструктивни особености при изграждане на динамометър за измерване на осова сила и въртящ момент (2014)
8290 Stoyanov, V. D., Nikolov, V. N., Numerical study of radial high-pressure blower with frequency converter (2022)
8291 Stoyanov, V. D., Nikolov, V. N., Numerical study on convective heat exchange between impinging gas jets and solid surfaces (2022)
8292 Kamarska, K. V., Study of the corrosion behavior of aluminum-silicon alloy AlSi18Cu3CrMn in acidic media (2022)
8293 Kamarska, K. V., Corrosion of AlSi18Cu3CrMn aluminum alloy in a chloride-containing medium (2022)
8294 Georgiev, M. G., Nikolova, N. G., Gospodinova, D. N., Milanov, K. G., Georgieva, A. N., Hardware-in-the-loop system for PLC based robust controller design and test for a robotic system for details processing application (2022)
8295 KarlovaSergieva, V. A., Nikolova, N. G., Conditional feedback control of a model of the current-decoupled AC motor (2022)
8297 Vladkova T. G., Georgieva, N., Staneva A., Gospodinova, D. N., Recent Progress in Antioxidant Active Substances from Marine Biota (2022)
8298 Vladimirov, I. H., Nikolova, D. V., Terneva, Z. A., Hardware Implementation and Comparison of CRA and TRA when Trying to Recover the AES-128 Key (2020)
8299 Nikolova, D. V., Vladimirov, I. H., Terneva, Z. A., Software Implementation of CRA and TRA to Recover the AES-128 Key using Side-Channel Signals with Python3 (2020)
8300 Димитрова, Р. К., Атанас Велков., Димитров, С. Б., Избор на задвижване за автоматизиран стенд за отпечатване на Брайлово писмо (2022)