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8251 Zhmud, V.A., Fomin, Y.N., Tereshkin D.O., Semibalamut V.M., Stukach O.V., Dimitrov, L. V., Broadband Signal Recorder with Reference to Space-Time Coordinates for Electrical Exploration Geophysical Works (2022)
8252 Tarnev, K. T., Andreeva, R. A., Monte Carlo Model Of A VIral Epidemic (2022)
8253 Uzunov, I. M., Arabadzhiev, T. N., Georgiev, Z. D., Self-frequency shift and nonlinear interaction of equilibrium and pulsating solutions in the presence of linear and nonlinear gain, spectral filtering, and intrapulse Raman scattering (2015)
8254 Пеев, И. И., Из историята на българската етикетна култура – от етикецията на Царство България до съвременните лайфстайл моди на поведение (2021)
8255 Kandeva, M. K., Stoimenov, NS., Paneva, MP., Abrasive Wear Of Polymer Composite Materials Obtained By 3D Print Technology, Part I. Polymer Materials (2022)
8256 Kandeva, M. K., N. Stoimenov., G. Kotseva., Abrasive Wear оf Polymer Composite Materials Obtained by 3D Print Technology, PART II. Composite Polymer Materials (2022)
8257 G.V. Duncheva., J.T. Maximov., A.P. Anchev., V.P. Dunchev., Y.B. Argirov., Kandeva, K. K., Enhancement of the wear resistance of CuAl9Fe4 sliding bearing bushings via diamond burnishing (2022)
8258 T. Penyashki., G. Kostadinov., Zh. Kalitchin., Kandeva, K. M., Ecological Aspects of Electro-spark Deposition Technologies for Improvement of the Metal Surfaces Quality Prepared by 3D Printing. Part II. Composition, Structure, Durability, and Environmental Compliance (2022)
8259 Kandeva, M. K., Zagorski, M. Z., R. Nikolic., B. Stojanović., A. But., F. Botko., J. Pitel., Al. Vencl., Friction Properties of the Heat-Treated Electroless Ni Coatings Embedded with c-BN Nanoparticles (2022)
8260 Kandeva, M. K., Zh. Kalitchin., Stoyanova, Y. S., Wear of High-Technology Coatings, Deposited by High-Velocity Oxygen Flame (HVOF) (2022)
8261 Romansky, R. P., Romanska, I. S., Software tools for analytical modeling of workload (2022)
8262 Romansky, R. P., Investigation of network communications by using statistical processing of monitored data (2022)
8263 Romansky, R. P., Formalization and Investigation of Parallel Processes Dispatching (2022)
8264 Boycheva, S. V., ZgurevaFilipova, D. M., Popov C., Lazarova H., Popova M., Plasma-modified coal fly ash zeolites with enhanced catalytic efficiency toward the total oxidation of volatile organic compounds as low-cost substitutes for platinum group metals catalysts (2022)
8265 Nedelchev, K. I., Gieva, E. E., Ruskova, I. N., Georgieva, T. I., Kralov, I. M., MODERN PASSIVE NOISE-INSULATING BARRIERS FOR TRANSPORT ACOUSTIC NOISE – REVIEW. PART I (2022)
8266 Liatifis, A., Dalamagkas, C., Radoglou-Grammatikis, P., Lagkas, T., Markakis, E., Mladenov, V. M., Sarigiannidis, P., Fault-Tolerant SDN Solution for Cybersecurity Applications (2022)
8267 Brandisky, K. G., Iacheva, I. I., Stancheva, R. D., Petrakieva, S. K., Terzieva, S. D., Mladenov, V. M., Computer-Aided Education in Theoretical Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia: Part II (2005)
8268 Nedelchev, M. V., Stosic, B., On Differences between Transmission Line-based Wave Digital Models of Gysel Power Dividers (2022)
8269 Nedelchev, M. V., Stosic, B., Transmission Line-based Wave Digital Models of Inphase Gysel Power Dividers (2022)
8270 Furnadzhiev, R. S., Shopov, M. P., A review of security mechanisms and open issues of containerized deployments (2022)
8271 Ivanov, V. V., Aleksandrov, A. S., Tsonev, V. C., Kuzmanov, N. I., Troha S., Dimitrov, L. V., The effect of external forces on the load sharing of a full planet engagement planetary gear train (2022)
8272 Spasov, G. V., Lishev, S. N., Petrova, G. I., Pavlova, P. E., Mobile Low-cost Air Pollution Data Logger (2022)
8273 Tsenev, V. P., Study of the operation of an automatic robotic line for assembly of electromechanical products using statistics (2022)
8274 Tsenev, V. P., Peshev N. S., Videkov, V. H., Improving the tensile strength of solders by stabilizing them with coatings and using statistics (2022)
8275 Chuchulska B., Hristov I., Dochev, B. A., Raychev, R. P., Changes in the Surface Texture of Thermoplastic (mono-mer-free) dental materials, Due to Some Minor Alterations of the Laboratory Protocol – Preliminary Study (2022)
8276 Дочев, Б. А., Изследване влиянието на термичната обработка Т5 и Т7 върху механичните свойства на сплавите AlSi25Cu4Cr и AlSi25Cu5Cr (2022)
8277 Дочев, Б. А., Делова, И. Л., Изследване на механичните свойства на надевтектични алуминий-силициеви сплави AlSi25Cu4Cr и AlSi25Cu5Cr с помощта на специализиран софтуер (2022)
8278 Камарска, К. В., Дочев, Б. А., Изследване на корозията на алуминиеви сплави AlSi25Cu4Cr и AlSi25Cu5Cr в 3% NaCl (2022)
8279 Камарска, К. В., Дочев, Б. А., Корозия на алуминиеви сплави AlSi25Cu4Cr и AlSi25Cu5Cr в кисела среда (2022)
8280 Чучулска Б., Христов Ил., Дочев, Б. А., Райчев, Р. П., Changes in the Surface Texture of Thermoplastic (Monomer-Free) Dental Materials Due to Some Minor Alterations in the Laboratory Protocol-Preliminary Study (2022)
8281 Kolev, L., Petrakieva, S. F., Mladenov, V. M., Interval criterion for stability analysis of discrete-time nonlinear systems with partial state saturation nonlinearities (2006)
8282 Trushev, I. M., Mastorakis, N., Tabahnev, I. N., Mladenov, V. M., Adaptive sliding mode control for dc/dc buck converters (2005)
8283 Slavova, A., Mladenov, V. M., Cellular Neural Networks: Theory & Applications (2004)
8284 Perev, K. L., Rational function approximation of the relay with hysteresis nonlinear element (2021)
8285 Perev, K. L., Gramians computation for hyperbolic distributed parameter systems (2021)
8286 Даулова, И. А., Социалната мрежа – алтернативната сцена за съвременния артист (2021)
8287 Pandiev, I. M., Laboratory Systems for Measuring Static and Dynamic Parameters of The Basic Circuit Configurations Employing Op-Amps (2022)
8288 Iliev, G. L., Mladenov, B. M., Studying the effect of internal DOS attacks over SDN controller during switch registration process (2022)
8289 Mitov, A. S., Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N., LQG Control of an Open Circuit Axial Piston Pump (2022)
8290 Mitov, A. S., Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N., Design of Embedded Control System for Open Circuit Axial Piston Pump (2022)
8291 Mitov, A. S., Slavov, T. N., Kralev, J. K., Robustness analysis of GA-PID and H, Embedded Control for Load-Sensing Electro-hydraulic Servo System (2022)
8292 Tzvetkov, P.M., Galabov, K. S., Serov A. N., Kodjabashev, I.N., Power Quality Analyzers Calibration on Harmonics of Voltage and Current by Reference Square Waveform Signal and Algorithm for Measurement ang Processing (2021)
8293 Tzvetkov, P.M., Galabov, K. S., True RMS voltmeter calibration by reference square waveform signal and algorithm for measurement and processing of results (2021)
8294 Dimitrijević M.S., Christova, M. D., Stark Broadening of Zn III Spectral Lines (2022)
8295 Gigov, B. I., Pavlov, N. L., Stefanova-Pavlova, M. M., Hybrid Car Powertrains: A Review and Analysis (2022)
8296 Mihov, G. S., Badarov, D. H., Improved Approach for Measuring Mains Interference (2022)
8297 Badarov, D. H., Mihov, G. S., GPS Disciplined Numerically Controlled Oscillator Based on Xilinx FPGA (2022)
8298 Badarov, D. H., Bonev, B. B., Stoynova, A. V., A Microcontroller-based Compensation of High-power LED Controller in Active Infrared Thermography (2022)
8299 Aleksandrova, M. P., Badarov, D. H., Recent Progress in the Topologies of the Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors and the Corresponding Electronic Processing Circuits (2022)
8300 Yordanov, Y. E., Mladenov, V. M., Humanoid Robot Detecting Animals via Neural Network (2018)