Autors: Hrischev, R. H.
Title: Effective approach experience for practical training using web-based platforms and tools in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Keywords: e-learning, information systems, ERP systems, web-based design tools

Abstract: This article is a result of the need to quickly and efficiently organize distance learning for students during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Some e-learning opportunities provided by internet technologies, web-based platforms, online engineering tools are presented. Examples of training students in business information systems based on learning platforms and demo systems are presented, as well as the use of engineering tools for the design of production equipment on the websites of specialized companies. The common in these examples is the possibility of effective training without long preparation and additional expenses for the development of specialized learning platforms and simulators. The practical results of this non-standard approach to e-learning during a pandemic are also discussed.



    Journal of Engineering Research and Sciences, issue 1, pp. 22-27, 2022, United States, JENRS, DOI: 10.55708/js0104003

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