Autors: Tsenev, V. P., Videkov, V. H.
Title: Combined footprint – the effect of collecting of the solder material
Keywords: Pin in paste, soldering, combined footprint, machine learnin

Abstract: In the production of electronic modules through soldering the use of PiP (Pin in paste) technology is increasingly required. With this technology bulk components are soldered using the advantages of SMT (Surface mount technology). The article examines a non-standard way to obtain successful soldering with PiP. The process of applying solder paste to obtain a combined footprint is considered and studied. When using this footprint research has been done and the results of its application have been reported. A major drawback of PiP for the use of all solder material has been solved by its optimal collection at the soldering point. The aim is to gather enough statistics to use the results of the study to create a model for machine learning.



    Complex Control Systems, BAS, issue 4, pp. 26-29, 2022, Bulgaria, ISSN 1310-8255

    Вид: пленарен доклад в национален форум с межд. уч., публикация в реферирано издание