Autors: Iliev, I. T., Jekova, I. I., Tabakov, S. D.
Title: High-Risk Cardiac Patients’ Follow-Up via Portable Telemonitoring Personal Analyzer: Applicability, Reliability and Accuracy
Keywords: Cardiac diseases; Portable ECG module; Telemetry; Wireless e

Abstract: Patients’ telemetry deals with remote follow-up of vital parameters and clinical conditions without continuous direct contact between physician and patient. This study presents a telemetry system for real-time monitoring of cardiac patients and investigates its accuracy, reliability and applicability. The system includes personal analyzer (PA) for continuous acquisition and analysis of single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG), central unit and a console for the cardiologist. PA transfers to the central unit 10 s ECG segments on regular basis (5/10/15 min), on demand or when an alarm based on rhythm disorders and/or heartbeat abnormalities is generated. The ECG telemetry system is tested on 85 hospitalized patients with cardiovascular diseases. In parallel, the patients’ ECGs have been recorded by a Holter device Signa-Lyzer SD.



    1st International Symposium on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, BioInfoMed, 2022, Bulgaria, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, ISBN 978-303096637-9

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