Autors: Gospodinova, D. N., Dineff, P. D.
Title: Impact Assessment of the Renewable Energy Sources Implementation in Bulgarian Single-Family Houses on the Greenhouse Gas by HOMER Pro Software
Keywords: Greenhouse gases, HOMER Pro, Renewable energy sources

Abstract: It is widely known that cities now house more than half of the world’s population. Within this framework, this study presents the possibilities for real-world application of renewable energy sources (RES) in urban areas, as well as their contribution to the urban deployment of the new energy paradigm. A comparison is made between hybrid power systems, operating on Bulgarian territory and conventional (traditional) power systems. Proposed hybrid system is designed and actually implemented to power a single-family house and consists of wind turbine (WG) photovoltaics (PV), lithium-ion batteries for energy storage and suitable converter. The HOMER Pro software was used to model and explore the long-term continuous implementation of a hybrid power system and greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions investigation. The article discusses the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX), that can be reduced by using a hybrid power system (solar and wind) in conjunction with a battery storag



    ASTES Journal, Special Issue on Innovation in Computing, Engineering Science & Technology, vol. 6, issue 5, pp. 362-368, 2021, United States, ASTES Journal, ISSN 2415-6698

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