Autors: Mihalev, M. S., Vladimirova-Mihaleva., Hardalov, C. M., Tsankov, D. T.
Title: A FEM Study of Mechanical Behavior of S-Shaped-Stent
Keywords: Solid mechanics, Coronary stents, FEM, Comsol

Abstract: The paper presents results of simulations of mechanical behavior of S-shaped stents of different lengths. The mechanical behavior of the stent strongly depends on the stent strut topology and the material properties. The presented stent strut topology differs from the known devices, usually used in the angioplasty. The aim of the study is to suggest a different stent topology and design and to model, simulate and compare its mechanical behavior and parameters with other clinically used stents. The suggested stent design approach is based on the Escher tessellation, consisting in periodic tiling of a specific shape pattern without gapes and/or overlaps. As a result, the array of multiplied slot patterns forms the desired stent struts and the S-formed bridges. The method enables generation of variety of new and unique stent geometries.



    , 2022, Germany, springer,

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