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# Автор
3451 Rozeva, A. G., Zerkova, S. I., Assessing semantic similarity of texts (2017)
3452 Zhelev, S. M., Rozeva, A. G., Big data processing in the cloud - Challenges and platforms (2017)
3453 Zhelev, S. M., Rozeva, A. G., Data Analytics and Machine Learning with Java (2018)
3454 Ivanova, M. S., Bhattacharjee, S., Marcel, S., Rozeva, A. G., Durcheva, M. I., Enhancing Trust in eAssessment - the TeSLA System Solution (2018)
3455 Okada, A., Noguera, I., Alexieva, L., Rozeva, A. G., Kocdar, S., Brouns, F., Ladonlahti, T., Whitelock, D., Guerrero-Roldán, A.-E., Pedagogical approaches and views about e-assessment supported by e-authentication and authorship verification in Higher Education (2019)
3457 Stamov, T. G., Global exponential stability of a class of impulsive cellular neural networks with supremums (2014)
3458 Romansky, R. P., Cloud Services: Challenges for Personal Data Protection (2012)
3459 Yordanov, R. S., Miletiev, R. G., Ionchev, E. I., Ultra-low noise AD conversion design for measurement of air pollutants (2019)
3460 Mirtchev, S. T., Study of Preemptive Priority Single-server Queue with Peaked Arrival Flow (2019)
3461 Kiranov, S. K., Application of UniSim Design to study the static and dynamic properties of a chemical technology equipment (2017)
3462 Mateev, V. M., Ivanov, G. I., Marinova, I. Y., Inductance Analysis of Multilayer HTS Power Cable (2019)
3463 Григоров, Б. Б., Грънчаров, А. Е., Димитров, К. Д., Симулационно моделиране на автоматизиран гараж върху експериментална платформа с управление чрез интелигентна невронно-базирана система ISIAC (2017)
3464 Софронова, Д. А., Компютърен дизайн на плетени изделия (2020)
3465 Marinova, I. Y., Mateev, V. M., Ralchev, M. L., Harmonic spectrum analysis of current sensor (2019)
3466 Tsankova, R. S., Rozeva, A. G., Generation of knowledge from “good practices” as open government procedure (2011)
3467 Slavov, V. D., Yotovska, K., Asenova, A., Virtual labs -enhancing digital skills in engineering education (2019)
3468 Georgieva, M. G., Avdeev, G., Milusheva, V. S., Lazarova, D., Petrova, M., Investigation of the Structure of Copper Coatings Obtained by Chemical Deposition from Formaldehyde-free Solution on Dielectrics (2020)
3469 Slavov, V. D., Yotovska, K., Asenova, A., Knowledge and skills building in a practically oriented blended university course of prospective teachers of biology and engineers (2019)
3470 Panayotov, F. K., Serbezov, V. S., Todorov, F. K., Aerodynamic testing of rotors and propellers for small unmanned aerial vehicles at Technical University-Sofia (2020)
3471 Rozeva, A. G., Performing OLAP Operations in Data cube with Dimensions Having Irregular Hierarchical Relationships (2008)
3472 Slavov, V. D., Yotovska, K., Asenova, A., E-learning process elements in a university course of pre-service biology teachers and engineers (in a virtual learning environment (2018)
3473 Serbezov, V. S., Panayotov, H. P., Todorov, M. D., Penchev, S. I., Application of multi-axis force/torque sensor system for experimental study of small unmanned aerial vehicles propulsion systems – Preliminary results (2020)
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3475 Rozeva, A. G., Mapping databases to ontologies of the e-Governance domain (2015)
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3500 Rozeva, A. G., On-line Analysis in Environmental Management Based on Multidimensional Modelling (2001)