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# Автор
3351 Ivaylov, I. E., Lazarova, M. K., Manolova, A. H., EEG Classification for Motor Imagery Mental Tasks Using Wavelet Signal Denoising (2020)
3352 Nikolova, E. S., Application of Textile Electrodes in Medical Telemetry (2019)
3353 Hristov, P. A., Manolova, A. H., Boumbarov, O. L., Deep Learning and SVM-Based Method for Human Activity Recognition with Skeleton Data (2020)
3354 Nikolova, E. S., Nikolov, G. T., Gieva, E. E., Iliev, I. T., Experimental Investigation of Washing Effects on the Properties of Textile Electrodes (2020)
3355 Nikolova, E. S., Tabakov, S. D., Investigation of the properties of textile electrodes in order to apply them as capacitive electrodes (2020)
3356 Tsochev, G. R., Some Security Problems and Aspects of the Industrial Internet of Things (2020)
3357 Tsochev, G. R., Sharabov, M. Z., The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 (2020)
3358 Yahov, I. A., Elenkov, A. A., Digital Agriculture Industry - Current Situation On The Basis of Existing Researches And Share Facts (2020)
3359 Yahov, I. A., Elenkov, A. A., Digital Agriculture Industry – Development of Sustainable Strategies for Industry Automatization (2020)
3360 Sofronovd, D. A., Sofronov, Y. P., Evaluation of stitch length accuracy of embroidery machine by different speed and step (2020)
3361 Valkovski, T. I., Dimitrov, K. L., Low Cost Laboratory Environment for the Use of Optical Methods for Transmission of Audio Signals (2020)
3362 Valkovski, T. I., Reception of Audio Signals Received from Different Angles by Optical Methods (2020)
3363 Valkovski, T. I., Dimitrov, K. L., Shterev, V. A., Low-cost system for recognizing people through infrared arrays in smart home systems (2020)
3364 Valkovski, T. I., Saliev, D. N., Damyanov, I. S., Use of Thermography Methods for Monitoring Grazing Livestock (2023)
3365 Kireva, D. P., Mirchev K., Boyadjiev B., Authorization Concept in the 4th Railway Package (2021)
3366 Кирева-Михова, Д. П., Велкова, Д. Л., Mirchev K., Boyadjiev B., Autorization Processes and Procedures for the Railway Structural Subsystems (2021)
3367 Petrov, P. P., Kralov, I. M., A look-ahead approach to mobile robot path tracking based on distance-only measurements (2019)
3368 Genov, J. A., Kralov, I. M., A linear quadratic regulator synthesis for a semi-active vehicle suspension part 2-Multi-objective synthesis (2019)
3369 Marinov, M. B., Kluwe M., Galabov, V. T., Mess- und Regelungstechnik (Aufgabensamlung) (2018)
3370 Kralov, I. M., Genov, J. A., Angelov, I. A., Modified bem theory application for determining the aerodynamic forces acting on the blade of wind turbine (2019)
3371 Genov, J. A., Kralov, I. M., Angelov, I. A., Dynamic stress analysis of a blade of wind turbine generator taking into account vertical wind speed gradient (2019)
3372 Galabov, V. T., How to Measure the Impact of Factors Affecting Life Expectancy (2019)
3373 Pandiev, I. M., Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Analysis and Design of Power Processing Circuits for Thin Film Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters on Flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate Substrates (2019)
3374 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Yordanka Vucheva., Pandiev, I. M., Denishev, K. H., Flexible Oxide-Polymeric Composites for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting (2019)
3375 Nikolov, P. N., Galabov, V. T., Markov Process Simulation on a Real Quantum Computer (2019)
3376 Пандиев, И. М., Изследване и усъвършенстване на схеми с широколентови интегрални усилватели с токова обратна връзка (2019)
3377 Kanchana Shahi., RS Singh., Narendra P.Singh., Aleksandrova, M. P., Ajaya Kumar Singh., Synthesis and characterization of PEDOT:PSS/ZnO nanowires heterojunction on ITO coated plastic substrate for light-emitting diodes (2019)
3378 Pandiev, I. M., VHDL-AMS Model Development for Digitally Programmable Monolithic Instrumentation Amplifiers (2019)
3379 Pandiev, I. M., Verification of VHDL-AMS Simulation Model for Digitally Programmable Monolithic Instrumentation Amplifiers (2019)
3380 Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Design and Development of Low-Power Multistage Amplifier Laboratory Kit for Electronic Engineering Education (2019)
3381 Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Antchev, H. M., Design and Development of Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers Laboratory Kit for an Electronic Engineering Education (2019)
3382 Antchev, H. M., Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Current Protection of Power Electronic Converters (2019)
3383 Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y., Noninvasive blood flow sensing from surface skin measurements (2019)
3384 Dacova, D. I., Pavlov, N. L., Lateral tilting in road vehicles - a review (2020)
3385 Pandiev, I. M., Digitally Programmable All-Pass CFA Filter Based on Follow-the-Leader-Feedback Topology (2018)
3386 Павлов, Н. Л., Дацова, Д. И., Наклоняема автомобилна детска седалка от махален тип (2020)
3387 Павлов, Н. Л., Дацова, Д. И., Наклоняема автомобилна детска седалка с търкалящи опори (2020)
3388 Tsochev, G. R., Stankov, I. S., Vulnerability and Protection of Business Management Systems: Threats and Challenges (2020)
3389 Tsochev, G. R., Trifonov, R. I., Slavcho Manolov., Pavlova, G. V., Investigation of Secure Mobile Agents as a Tool in Intrusion Detection Systems (2020)
3390 Trifonov, R. I., Nakov, O. N., Slavcho Manolov., Tsochev, G. R., Pavlova, G. V., One method of network cyber-security, based on artificial intelligence (2019)
3391 Rozeva, A. G., Computing Data Cubes and Aggregate Query Processing (2005)
3392 Rozeva, A. G., Data Warehousing – Conceptual Scheme Design and Mapping into Relational Logical Scheme (2006)
3393 Rozeva, A. G., Dimensional Hierarchies – Implementation in Data Warehouse Logical Scheme Design (2007)
3394 Rozeva, A. G., Index Structure for the Fact Table of a Star-Join Schema and Template Query Processing (2003)
3395 Розева, А. Г., Делийска, Б.П., Системи за управление на бази данни (2012)
3396 Delijska, B.P., Rozeva, A. G., Multidimensional Learner Model In Intelligent Learning System (2009)
3397 Стоенчев, Н.С., Розева, А. Г., Иванова, Д. Г., Иванов, И., Дичев, П., Информационно моделиране на участие в търг за дърводобив (2012)
3398 Rozeva, A. G., Ivavov, M.P., Tsankova, R.S., Business modelling for generation of knowledge from explicit data (2011)
3399 Rozeva, A. G., Delijska, B.P., Tsankova, R.S., Semantic business analysis model – considering association rules mining (2012)
3400 Rozeva, A. G., Classification of text documents supervised by domain ontologies (2012)