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# Автор
3351 Pandiev, I. M., Verification of VHDL-AMS Simulation Model for Digitally Programmable Monolithic Instrumentation Amplifiers (2019)
3352 Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Design and Development of Low-Power Multistage Amplifier Laboratory Kit for Electronic Engineering Education (2019)
3353 Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Antchev, H. M., Design and Development of Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers Laboratory Kit for an Electronic Engineering Education (2019)
3354 Antchev, H. M., Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C., Current Protection of Power Electronic Converters (2019)
3355 Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y., Noninvasive blood flow sensing from surface skin measurements (2019)
3356 Dacova, D. I., Pavlov, N. L., Lateral tilting in road vehicles - a review (2020)
3357 Pandiev, I. M., Digitally Programmable All-Pass CFA Filter Based on Follow-the-Leader-Feedback Topology (2018)
3358 Павлов, Н. Л., Дацова, Д. И., Наклоняема автомобилна детска седалка от махален тип (2020)
3359 Павлов, Н. Л., Дацова, Д. И., Наклоняема автомобилна детска седалка с търкалящи опори (2020)
3360 Tsochev, G. R., Stankov, I. S., Vulnerability and Protection of Business Management Systems: Threats and Challenges (2020)
3361 Tsochev, G. R., Trifonov, R. I., Slavcho Manolov., Pavlova, G. V., Investigation of Secure Mobile Agents as a Tool in Intrusion Detection Systems (2020)
3362 Trifonov, R. I., Nakov, O. N., Slavcho Manolov., Tsochev, G. R., Pavlova, G. V., One method of network cyber-security, based on artificial intelligence (2019)
3363 Rozeva, A. G., Computing Data Cubes and Aggregate Query Processing (2005)
3364 Rozeva, A. G., Data Warehousing – Conceptual Scheme Design and Mapping into Relational Logical Scheme (2006)
3365 Rozeva, A. G., Dimensional Hierarchies – Implementation in Data Warehouse Logical Scheme Design (2007)
3366 Rozeva, A. G., Index Structure for the Fact Table of a Star-Join Schema and Template Query Processing (2003)
3367 Розева, А. Г., Делийска, Б.П., Системи за управление на бази данни (2012)
3368 Delijska, B.P., Rozeva, A. G., Multidimensional Learner Model In Intelligent Learning System (2009)
3369 Стоенчев, Н.С., Розева, А. Г., Иванова, Д. Г., Иванов, И., Дичев, П., Информационно моделиране на участие в търг за дърводобив (2012)
3370 Rozeva, A. G., Ivavov, M.P., Tsankova, R.S., Business modelling for generation of knowledge from explicit data (2011)
3371 Rozeva, A. G., Delijska, B.P., Tsankova, R.S., Semantic business analysis model – considering association rules mining (2012)
3372 Rozeva, A. G., Classification of text documents supervised by domain ontologies (2012)
3373 Rozeva, A. G., Modeling framework for knowledge generation (2012)
3374 Милчев, Р.И., Желязова, Б.Д., Розева, А. Г., Дистанционно електронно обучение. Създаване на учебно съдържание и дейности в система Moodle (2007)
3375 Pavlov, N. L., Dimitrov V. D., Influence of the braking on the comfort during positioning of a metro train (2019)
3376 Ivanov, M.P., Rozeva, A. G., Tsankova, R.S., Investigation of models for preliminary classification of “good practices” in administration management processes (2012)
3377 Розева, А. Г., Многодименсионни модели на данните за многоаспектен анализ (2009)
3378 Розева, А. Г., Online Аналитични Процеси. Същност и практика (2010)
3379 Antchev, M. H., Pandiev, I. M., Petkova, M., Stoimenov, E. C., Tomova, A., Antchev, H. M., PLL for single phase grid connected inverters (2013)
3380 Tsokov, S. A., AleksievaPetrova, A. A., Lazarova, M. K., An Activity-Dependent Model for the Evolution of an Artificial Nervous System for Autonomous Agents (2020)
3381 Rozeva, A. G., An approach for transforming relational database scheme into object-oriented one (2000)
3382 Rozeva, A. G., Transforming relational schemes with foreign keys into object-oriented (2000)
3383 Nikolov, P. N., Galabov, V. T., The Journey of Quantum Information Technology (2019)
3384 Yosifova, V. K., Tasheva, A. T., Trifonov, R. I., Most commonly used machine learning algorithms for cybersecurity incident reports classification (2020)
3385 Stefanov, B. I., Photocatalytic reactor for in situ determination of supported catalysts activity in liquid-phase based on 3D-printed components and Arduino (2020)
3386 Kralov, I. M., Genov, J. A., Angelov, I. A., Dynamical stresses in the high class wind turbine blades caused in nonhomogeneous nonstationary wind field. Part 2. Numerical simulations. (2020)
3387 Kralov, I. M., Genov, J. A., Angelov, I. A., Dynamical stresses in the high class wind turbine blades caused in nonhomogeneous nonstationary wind field. Part 1 - Dynamical model (2020)
3388 Жилевски, М. М., Изследване и модернизация на стругови машини с цифрово-програмно управление (2019)
3389 Жилевски, М. М., Основни проблеми при струговите машини с ЦПУ (2017)
3390 Жилевски, М. М., Мадлена Жилевска., Управление на електрозадвижванията в металорежещите машини (2018)
3391 Жилевски, М. М., Христов, В. Д., Design of an Automated Railway Crossing System with Verilog language in CPLD (2020)
3392 Жилевски, М. М., Братованов, Н. Г., Applications of Digital and Computer Technologies for Control and Motion Simulation of Electromechanical Systems (2020)
3393 Mikhov, M. R., Zhilevski, M. M., Control Device for Tool Magazine Drives of Vertical Machining Centers with CNC (2020)
3395 Kadalev, S. H., Assessment of residual heat generation at cyclic operation of a research reactor as input data for thermal hydraulic calculations and safety analysis (2014)
3396 Kadalev, S. H., Assessment of the heat carrier movement in the primary coolant circuit by its own momentum (2014)
3397 Kadalev, S. H., Safety analysis method in case of black-out accident on pool type research reactor (2015)
3398 Kadalev, S. H., Dimitrov I.S., Cask selection for spent nuclear fuel shipment from research reactor (2017)
3399 Kadalev, S. H., Evaluation of the technological radiation sources in the pumping station of the primary circulation loop and on the top of the pool type research reactor (2018)
3400 Kadalev, S. H., Graphical Toolkit for Easy and Rapid Evaluation of the Residual Heat Generation at Cyclic Operation of a Pool Type Research Reactor (2018)