Autors: Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Modeling framework for knowledge generation
Keywords: Multidimensional modeling, knowledge discovery, text mining, ontology

Abstract: Multidimensional modeling is technique with application in e-governance for the benefits it provides for revealing the nature of processes and the most relevant presentation of information concerning them. The modeling framework proposed represents practical guide for designing multidimensional model for an organization process. The design may be accomplished on existing structure model as well. Besides the structure model analysis goals play essential role in the design process. Taken into account they fine tune the model by eliminating irrelevant attributes and process objects. The analysis framework presented involves classification of model processing as several analysis types. Thus the modeling framework involves the complete lifecycle of model design, software implementation and application for decision support in e-governance.



    Management of public and business administration processes by means of collaboration and knowledge, pp. 54-83, 2012, Bulgaria, Technical University – Sofia, ISBN 978-954-438-971-0

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