Autors: Delijska, B.P., Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Multidimensional Learner Model In Intelligent Learning System
Keywords: Intelligent learning system, Learner domain ontology, Multidimensional learner model, Modeling agent, OLAP

Abstract: The learner model in an intelligent learning system (ILS) has to ensure the personalization (individualization) and the adaptability of e-learning in an online learner-centered environment. ILS is a distributed e-learning system whose modules can be independent and located in different nodes (servers) on the Web. This kind of e-learning is achieved through the resources of the Semantic Web and is designed and developed around a course, group of courses or specialty. An essential part of ILS is learner model database which contains structured data about learner profile and temporal status in the learning process of one or more courses. In the paper a learner model position in ILS is considered and a database is designed from learner’s domain ontology. Multidimensional modeling agent for a source relational database is designed and resultant learner data cube is presented. Agent’s modules are presented with algorithms and procedures. Multidimensional (OLAP) analysis guidelines on the re



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1184, issue 1, pp. 301-308, 2009, Bulgaria, American Institute of Physics

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