Autors: Pandiev, I. M., Stoimenov, E. C.
Title: Design and Development of Low-Power Multistage Amplifier Laboratory Kit for Electronic Engineering Education
Keywords: engineering education; amplifiers; feedback circuits; circuit stability; training

Abstract: A low-power multistage amplifiers laboratory kit has been developed and tested for engineering education. The laboratory kit contains a multistage amplifier built by the basic transistor stages used in the operational amplifiers. Each stage is implemented with discrete components. The key functional blocks of the circuit are differential amplifier as an input stage, followed by common-collector amplifier as a buffer and an output stage. The output stage includes a common-emitter amplifier section with current-source load and an output section with two complementary bipolar transistors. Moreover, it is possible to study the operational principle of the separate amplifier stages and the effect of the negative feedback to a multistage voltage amplifier at non-inverting operation. The proposed laboratory kit is intended to the second-year students from bachelor degree program “Electronic engineering” in the Technical University of Sofia.



    10th National Conference with International Participation, ELECTRONICA 2019, issue 8825602, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-172813622-6

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