Autors: Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Computing Data Cubes and Aggregate Query Processing
Keywords: Data Warehouse, Data Cube, Cube Computation, Storing a Cube, OLAP, Query Processing

Abstract: The paper is dealing with data cubes, multidimensional data structures built from data warehouse for OLAP purposes. Performing aggregations over cube dimensions and the way they are stored is considered to be a problem worth optimization. A two-tier multilevel list structure for storing cubes has been proposed. Algorithms for tiers’ setup and maintenance when records are loaded into the data warehouse have been designed. An overview of analytical queries has been presented. Algorithm for processing analytical query over data cubes stored in the proposed structure has been outlined.



    Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies CompSysTech’05, pp. II.16-1- II.16-6, 2005, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Chapter of ACM-acmbul&UAI, ISBN 954-9641-42-2

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