Autors: Rozeva, A. G.
Title: Dimensional Hierarchies – Implementation in Data Warehouse Logical Scheme Design
Keywords: Data Warehouse, Logical Scheme, Dimensional Hierarchy, Summarizability, Dependencies, Metadata, OLAP.

Abstract: Hierarchies represent substantial part of the multidimensional view of data based on exploring measures of facts for business or non-business domain along various dimensions. In data warehousing and on-line analytical processing they provide for examining data at different levels of detail. Several types of hierarchies have been presented with issues concerning dependencies and summarizability of data along the levels. Design mechanism for implementation of dimensional hierarchies in datawarehouse logical scheme has been proposed. Algorithms for enforcing dependencies on dimensional hierarchies for achieving correct summarizability of data have been developed. An implementation of the algorithms as procedures in logical scheme’s metadata has been presented.



    Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies CompSysTech’07, pp. III A.24, 2007, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Chapter of ACM-acmbul&UAI, ISBN 978-954-9641-50-9

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