Autors: Pavlov, N. L., Dimitrov V. D.
Title: Influence of the braking on the comfort during positioning of a metro train
Keywords: subway vehicle,train,braking,suspension,acceleration,subway station,positioning

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of parameters for deceleration regulation on braking and positioning of a metro train is considered. The regulation of the deceleration influences on the rise time, maximum value and time to release the brake. The comfort of subway passengers largely depends on these parameters. When a train stops at the new type of subway station with safety barriers and additional platform doors located at the barriers, the precise positioning is particularly important. For maximum comfort and stability for standing passengers, it is important that the braking deceleration at the end of braking is kept to a minimum. In this way, the pitch angle of the car body and its shaking at the end of the braking are also minimal. At different brake release times, the train travels different distances in the end of the braking till its final stopping. This must be taken into account in the logic of the positioning system.


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11th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference (BulEF), Varna, pp. 1-4, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE

Copyright IEEE

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