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# Автор
7301 Mitrev, R. P., Todorov T.S., Fursov A.S., Fomichev V.V., Valtechev S. S., Ilin A.V., Energy Harvesting with Thermally Induced Vibrations in Shape Memory Alloys by a Constant Temperature Heater (2021)
7302 Mitrev, R. P., Todorov, T. S., Fursov A.S., Ganev, B. T., Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Thermo-Mechanical Model of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Considering Minor Hystereses (2021)
7303 Mitrev, R. P., Todorov, T. S., Fursov A.S., Fomichev V.V., ILin A.A., A Case Study of Combined Application of Smart Materials in a ‎Thermal Energy Harvester with Vibrating Action. (2021)
7304 Todorova, M. K., Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y., Permanent magnets for a magnetic gear (2016)
7305 Mateev, V. M., Marinova, I. Y., Shape determination of conductive objects by eddy currents (2007)
7306 Marinova, I. Y., Todorova, M. K., Mateev, V. M., Harmonic analysis of the magnetic field of a coaxial magnetic gear (2017)
7307 Ivanov, V. V., Dimitrov, L. V., Aleksandrov, A. S., Popov, A., B., Kolker, A., Pershina, Z., Rashid, A., Bdiwi, M., Bin Picking Pneumatic-Mechanical Gripper for Industrial Manipulators (2021)
7308 Kolker, Aleksey., Ivanov, V. V., Dimitrov, L. V., Rashid, A., Bdiwi, M., Oshchepkova, S., Pershina, Z., The ray tracing based tool for generation artificial images and neural network training (2020)
7309 Ivanov V., Dimitrov, L. V., Ivanova S., Volkova S., Reverse Engineering in the Remanufacturing: Metrology, Project Management, Redesign (2021)
7310 Singh H., Bonev, B. G., Petkov, P. Z., Patil S., The Impact of Liquid Water Content over Different Seas of Europe on Satellite Communication (2018)
7311 Чучуганов, К. Й., Хаздай Л. Й., Митова, М. П., Анализ на процеситепри работа на система за аварийно спиране при асансьорите (2019)
7312 Singh H., Bonev, B. G., Petkov, P. Z., Kumar R., A novel method for predicting attenuation caused by clouds for higher frequency bands (2018)
7313 Patil S., Petkov, P. Z., Bonev, B. G., Singh H., 3-Axial EMC Field Probe Design Using Hexagonal Shaped Ultra Wide-Bandwidth Fractal Dipole Antenna for Frequency Range 0.5 to 12 GHz (2018)
7314 Чучуганов, К. Й., Хаздай Л. Й., Митова, М. П., Илиев, Г. С., Динамичен модел за изследване, анализ и прогнозиране на процесите при аварийно спиране на асансьорите. (2020)
7315 Чучуганов, К. Й., Хаздай Л. Й., Митова, М. П., Илиев, Г. С., Методика за изследване, изпитване и настройка на захващащи механизми за асансьори (2020)
7316 Tsvetkova, D. S., Georgieva, V. M., GUI for image fusion in medical images of brain (2021)
7317 Georgieva, V. M., Katsarova V. V., Laskov, L. B., A Hybrid Approach for Brain Tumor Detection in MRI Images (2021)
7318 Sandalski, B. P., Georgiev, B., Vicheva, M. D., Mitova, M. P., Systematization of data related to directives and standards of new and/or global approach (2013)
7319 Митова, М. П., Оценка на проблемите за информационно осигуряване на европейските изисквания за безопасност (2013)
7320 Stoynova, A. V., Bonev, B. B., Defects’ Shape Influence on the Thermographic Control in Production of PCB (2021)
7321 Shopov, A., Bonev, B. B., Change of Young’s Module on Steel Specimens with Corrosion by Experiment (2019)
7322 Георгиева, В. М., Обработка на медицински изображения (2015)
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7326 Mitova, M. P., Vicheva, M. D., Expert Information Assurance of Selected Groups of Machine with European Requirements and Safety Norms (2016)
7327 Vetova, S. M., Workflow model for big data analysis and visualization (2021)
7328 Vetova, S. M., Big Data Integration and Processing Model (2021)
7329 Vetova, S. M., A Comparative Study of Image Classification Models using NN and Similarity Distance (2021)
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7342 Мирчев, С. Т., Голева, Р. И., Балабанов, Г. Р., Изследване на телетрафична система с дискретно време Geo/Polya/1/ (2010)
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