Autors: Rakov, B. Y., Ruzhekov, G. T.
Title: PID control of analogue three-dimensional plant
Keywords: Auto-tune, Multi-loop PID, multivariable system, PLC

Abstract: Multi-loop (decentralized) Proportional-Integral-Derivative controllers find extensive use in industrial systems. An auto-tune method is present in the paper. The independent design approach is used. The method treats the multivariable system as independent SISO systems with interactions as an additive uncertainty. Modified relay feedback is applied. A software is developed using Siemens TIA Portal V15. The approach is tested on a three-dimensional multivariable system, modelled by an analog board.



    , Proceedings of 16th conference on electrical machines, drives and power systems 2019, 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN 978-1-7281-1412-5

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