Autors: Zapryanov, G. S., Nikolova, I. N.
Title: Demosaicing methods for pseudo-random Bayer color filter array
Keywords: Demosaicing, Pseudo-random Bayer pattern, color filter array (CFA), Interpolation, Image Processing

Abstract: In order to record color images in single-sensor digital cameras, the incident illumination to the two-dimensional image sensing array (CCD or CMOS) is filtered so the different sensing elements receive different colored illumination. The filters are arranged in patterns across the face of the image sensing array. One of these arrays is Pseudo-random Bayer CFA. In contrast to an original Bayer, the filter here is received by overlaying of Pseudo-random pattern. This allows the images that are concurrent to the original Bayer’s filter regular structure to be better perceivable. The objective of this paper is to introduce and compare a few commonly used interpolation algorithms that are adapted for Pseudo-random Bayer CFA. Their efficiency is assessed by means of experimental studies with different types of test images. An error metrics likes mean squared error are calculated in RGB color space.



    ProRISC, pp. 6, 2005, Netherlands, Utrecht, Technology Foundation, ISBN 90-73461-50-2

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    1. de Gioia, F.; Fanucci, L. Data-Driven Convolutional Model for Digital Color Image Demosaicing. Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 9975. - 2021 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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