Autors: Ganev, B. T., Djamiykov, T. S., Marinov, M. B., Asparuhova, K. K.
Title: Experimental Setup for Performance Evaluation of Optical Sensors
Keywords: Allan variance; integrating sphere; optical sensors; transfe

Abstract: An experimental setup is presented which allows the study and characterization of integrated optical sensors. The system consists of a small integrating sphere that can be illuminated by various sources such as white and colored LEDs, calibrated sources, or halogen lamp types. The design allows easy installation and configuration of measuring instruments (light meter, standard calibrated photodiode). The control of the parameters of the tested sensors, data collection, and processing is performed using a microcontroller ESP 32 in the LabVIEW programming environment. Preliminary studies of the characteristics of color sensors and calibrated sources are presented.


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12th National Conference with International Participation, ELECTRONICA 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA52725.2021.9513663

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