Autors: Ganev, B. T., Marinov, M. B., Nikolov, D. N., Ivanov A.K.
Title: High-resolution Particulate Matter Monitoring and Mapping in Urban Environments
Keywords: heatmaps; mobile monitoring; particulate matter

Abstract: Air pollution in an urban environment has a significant effect on human wellbeing. The location and time intervals of peak concentrations of major urban air pollutants are instrumental in contamination mitigation. Particulate matter is a major polluter in many large urbanized regions, such as the city of Sofia. The paper proposes an approach for mobile monitoring, determining the spatio-temporal distribution of three standard types of PMs and documenting the reached concentrations with the help of dynamically updated heat maps. This facilitates the determination of the places and times at which the concentrations of pollutants are the highest, which necessitates the detailed study of the sources of pollution.


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12th National Conference with International Participation, ELECTRONICA 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA52725.2021.9513728

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