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# Автор
6401 Syzonenko, O.S., Tashev, P.T., Prystash, M.P., Torpakov, A.T., Lypian, Ye.L., Dyakova, V.D., Kandeva, M. K., Taftai, E.T., Kostova, Y.K., Compaction of composites, dispersion-strengthened by nanoparticles, based on ti{tic system with the method of spark plasma sintering (2021)
6402 Donkov, S. D., Stefanov, I. Z., Т. В. Велчев., R. S. Klessen., Density profile of a self-gravitating polytropic turbulent fluid in the context of ensembles of molecular clouds (2021)
6403 Tasheva, R. P., Stefanov, I. Z., Geodesic model complience with the frequencies of the observed X-ray quasi-period oscillations of XTE J1807-294 (2021)
6404 Konpva, H. P., Angelova, R. A., False-twister as a yarn formation factor in wrap spinning (2013)
6405 Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A., Sofronov, Y. P., Design and Development of an E-Textile Mat for Assuring the Comfort of Bedridden Persons (2021)
6406 Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A., Classification of digital stitch lines in machine embroidery (2021)
6407 Pavlov, N. L., Gigov, B. I., Stefanova-Pavlova, M. M., Normative Documents for Electric Vehicles and Possibilities for Their Application in the Education of E-Powertrain Engineers (2021)
6408 Zarkov, Z. J., Lazarov, V. D., Stoyanov, T. M., Stoyanov, L. S., Influence of magnet dimensions on torque components and cost of synchronous machine with interior magnets (2021)
6409 Stoyanov, T. M., Pavlov, D. T., Spasov, R. L., Rizov, P. M., Аlgorithm for design and analysis of multilayer and fractional-slot stator windings (2021)
6411 Stoyanov, T. M., Method for construction and verification of the stator winding on a permanent magnet synchronous motor (2021)
6412 Stankov, I. S., Analysis of Leading Systems for Electornic Learning in Educational Institutions (2019)
6414 Stankov, I. S., Cloud technologies in the public and business organizations (2020)
6415 Stankov, I. S., Productivity Research On The Newest Versions Of Frequently Used Relational Databases (2017)
6416 Станков, И. С., Христов, В. П., Славков К., Изследване на 5G мобилни мрежи (2019)
6417 Antonov, S. I., Swati Gade., Rahul Agrawal., Dipak Patil., Optimal utilization of UPQC at different operating condition using TLBO (2021)
6418 Stankov, I. S., Dunkina N., An application for most optimal route between tourist places (2017)
6419 Antonov, S. I., Sheiretsky K.G., Formal method for finding asymptotic approximations (2021)
6420 Antonov, S. I., Sheiretsky K.G., Criteria for the existence of a sustainable limit cycle. Application of the criteria in the first approximation for the Van der Pol equation (2021)
6421 Terziev, A. k., Penka Zlateva., Study of the possibilities for using methane as a transport fuel through biomass gasification process (2021)
6422 Terziev, A. k., Hristo Beloev., Iliya Iliev., Risk assessment and management during the implementation process of a small scale hydropower plants (2021)
6423 Terziev, A. K., Iliya Iliev., Hristo Beloev., Panteleev, Y. P., Impact assessment of terrain specifics on wind energy production over semi-complex terrains (2021)
6424 Цочев, Г. Р., Трифонов, Р. И., Ръководство за лабораторни упражнения по Мрежова и информационна сигурност (2021)
6425 Momchilova, M. K., Effective Application of Blended Learning in ESP Courses (2021)
6426 Staneva A. D., Dimitrov D. K., Gospodinova, D. N., Vladkova T. G., Antibiofouling Activity of Graphene Materials and Graphene-Based Antimicrobial Coatings (2021)
6427 Ruskova, K. G., Manoilova L.V., Surface Modified Silica Gels and an Express Method for Determination of their Specific Surface Area (2021)
6428 Ruskova, K. G., Manoilova L.V., Evaluation of Protective Action of Poisoned Gas Substances of New Generated Activated Carbon for Gas Mask Application (2021)
6429 Ruskova, K. G., Toteva V., Gonsalvesh-Musakova L., Production of Activated Carbon Based on Oak Sawdust by Chemical Activation (2021)
6430 Ruskova, K. G., Ursheva M., Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Initial Emergency Response Procedures related to Hybrid Batteries (2021)
6431 Rachev, E. H., Petrov, V. E., DC link capacitor selection for DC-DC converters (2020)
6432 Рачев, Е. Х., Аналитичен модел и параметри на индукционните (асинхронни) двигатели при изследване и управление (2021)
6433 Рачев, Е. Х., Безсензорно управление на синхронен двигател с постоянни магнити (2021)
6434 Рачев, Е. Х., Управление на постояннотокови задвижвания в плавателни съдове (2021)
6435 StefanovaStoyanova, V. V., Digitization of Quality Management Systems in the context of Industry 4.0 (2021)
6436 StefanovaStoyanova, V. V., Stoyanov, K. K., Danov, P. Y., Comparison Of Architectural Models Of IoT Systems - Advantages And Disadvantages (2021)
6437 Ivaylov, I. E., Lazarova, M. K., Manolova, A. H., Multimodal Motor Imagery BCI Based on EEG and NIRS (2021)
6438 Hinova, I. S., Baeva, S. K., Risk Analysis and Assessment when Investing in Energy from Natural Gas and Photovoltaics (2021)
6439 Baeva, S. K., Hinova, I. S., Most Favorable Results for Forecasting Methods for Natural Gas and Photovoltaic Energy Consumption (2021)
6440 Christoff, N. V., Improving a Digital Elevation Model of Mars Based on Principal Curvature Directions (2021)
6441 Draganov, I. R., Gancheva, V. S., Unsharp Masking with Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images (2021)
6442 Mironov, R. P., Draganov, I. R., Local Adaptive LMS Filtration of Multidimensional Images (2021)
6443 Draganov, I. R., Mironov, R. P., 3D SUSAN Filtering of CT Images With Adaptive Selection of the Brightness Threshold (2021)
6444 Janković, R., Mihajlović, I., Amelio, A., Draganov, I. R., Predicting the Ecological Footprint: A Case Study for Italy, Pakistan and China (2021)
6445 Brodić, D., Amelio, A., Draganov, I. R., Response time analysis of text-based CAPTCHA by association rules (2016)
6446 Venkov, G. P., Arnaoudov, I. N., Relations between spheroidal and spherical harmonics (2010)
6447 Venkov, G. P., Low–frequency electromagnetic scattering by a perfectly conducting torus. The Rayleigh approximations (2006)
6448 Angelova, R. A., High-Performance Apparel and Wearable Devices for Hot Environments (2019)
6449 Angelova, R. A., Failure of yarns in different textile applications (2020)
6450 Stankov, I. S., Perçuku A. Sh., The Prediction of Weather’s Data for Wind Power System Using Graph Database (2021)