Autors: Tsokov, L. P., Penev, A. D.
Title: Numerical research of the phase change in fixed honeycomb regenerator for humid air
Keywords: Humid Air, Phase Change, Heat and Mass Transfer, Regenerator, CFD, HVAC

Abstract: The article presents a numerical physicalmathematical model for the phase change in fixed counterflow regenerative heat exchanger working with humid air. The regenerator is designed for a local ventilation system supplying fresh air and uses the heat recovery from apartments and rooms. The formation of phase change in the honeycomb matrix depends on the interior microclimate in buildings and the outdoor conditions. The results from the computational fluid dynamics model show the evaporation and condensation processes into the channel. The discussions and the conclusions from this simulation include the influence of the phase change into the thermal efficiency of the regenerative heat exchanger.



    2021 6th International Symposium on Environment-Friendly Energies and Applications (EFEA), 2021, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1109/EFEA49713.2021.9406271

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