Autors: Tran, V. H., Phan, T. N., Kaloyanov, N. G., Vassilev, M. P.
Title: Efficiency evaluation of water production from the atmospheric air in Vietnam
Keywords: water production, atmospheric air, Vietnam

Abstract: The analysis of extracting potable water from the humid ambient air has been done by using the model of vapor-compression refrigeration (VCR) system for the case study in Vietnam. The temperature and relative humidity of moist air in Danang province in Vietnam were recorded for a whole year. The typical day in each month of year with detailed values of temperature and relative humidity for 24 hours were presented and used to identify the production of water from the air. The results show that, the temperature at the outlet of air stream throughout evaporator of VCR system is about 13°C in which the energy consumption to produce 1 liter of water is lowest. Besides, the electricity consumption cost in Vietnam varies in a day with various tariffs: at the peak load, medium load and low load, depends on the time of the day. The production price for one liter of water is also considered and working plans are proposed for the system by the time of the day.



    PEPM'2020, 2020, Bulgaria, E3S Web of Conferences, 207, art. no. 01012, ISSN: 2555-0403 / DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202020701012

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