Autors: Prodanova, K. S., Negreva, M.
Title: Mathematical Models for the Prediction of Coagulation Activity in Patients with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation
Keywords: near regression models

Abstract: Our previous studies showed activation of coagulation in the early hours of the clinical manifestation of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF). Plasma coagulation activity of factor II, factor V, factor VII, factor VIII, factor IX, factor X, factor XI, factor XII, vWF, tissue factor levels, FVIII, vWF, prothrombin fragment 1+2(F1 + 2) and fibrinopeptide A (FPA) were significantly increased as early as the first twenty-four hours of the disease. The results suggest that there is a correlation between the studied parameters and development of the disease.Aim: To search for a statistical model that predicts coagulation activity in PAF patients.Materials and methods: Coagulation parameters were examined in 51 PAF patients (26 males, 25 females; mean age 59.84 ±1.60 years, onset of PAF episode < 24h prior to hospitalization). A linear regression model was used to predict coagulation activity in PAF.



    IJBSAC, vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 1-6, 2020, India,

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