Autors: Prodanova, K. S., Negreva, M., Vitlianova, K.
Title: Diagnostic Values of Some Fibrinolytic Indicators for Rejecting the Presence of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation
Keywords: ogistic regression analysis, receiver operating characteristics

Abstract: Diagnostic tests are a cornerstone in modern medicine. They are used not only to confirm the presence of a disease but also to rule out the disease in healthy subjects. Tests with two outcome categories (i.e. presence/absence) are known as dichotomous tests. Their inherent validity is determined by sensitivity and specificity and the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is known to be a simple, yet complete plot that displays the full picture of trade-off between the sensitivity (true positive rate) and (1-specificity) (false positive rate) across a series of cut-off points. Our study found that, even in the early hours of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, there were significant changes in major indicators of fibrinolysis, namely plasminogen level, t-PA level, PAI-1 activity, α2-antiplasmin activity, vitronectin and D-dimer plasma levels.



    IJBSAC, vol. 2, issue 12, pp. 1-6, 2020, India, Lattice Science Publication, DOI 10.35940/ijbsac.L0171.0421220

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