Autors: Nakov, O. N., Kopanov, P. I., Salimov, A. S., Zyulyamova, B. S., Redzheb, A. B.
Title: Diophantine equations and encryption systems
Keywords: Diophantine equation, Hilbert's tenth problem, encryption system

Abstract: There exist a huge number of information encryption systems that have been tested and their effectiveness has been proven (see [1]-[5]). In this paper we propose a new specific encryption system based on the number of solutions of a Diophantine equation in a finite interval, the purpose of which is to transmit short messages over an unsecured communication channel.



    International Scientific Conference - Computer Science 2020, issue 9, pp. 142-148, 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-619-167-433-6

    Вид: публикация в международен форум