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# Автор
8551 Иванов, E. А., Цалов, Ц. И., Шумилин, С. А., Модернизация лопастной системы рабочего колеса обратимой гидромашины ГАЭС Чаира (2022)
8552 Ruskova, K. G., Manoilova L., Active carbons and their functional applications in water purification- an overview (2022)
8553 Ruskova, K. G., Microwave absorbing materials based on hybrid filler (2022)
8554 Gancheva, V. S., Todorova V., Workflow for Medical Data Classification and Analysis (2022)
8557 Mecheva, T. A., Furnadzhiev, R. S., Kakanakov, N. R., Modeling Driver Behavior in Road Traffic Simulation (2022)
8558 Mladenov, V. M., Chobanov, V. Y., Ivanova, V., Policy Framework Enabling Flexibility Markets—Bulgarian Case (2022)
8559 Barta, D., Gechev, T. M., Kravchenko, O., Kravchenko, K., Zigo, A., Dizo, J., Practical assessment of the friction material wear in disc brake pads of heavy-duty vehicles operating in Europe and its environmental impact (2022)
8560 Gechev, T. M., Dermendzhiyski, Y. H., Hydrogen economy - a brief review (2022)
8561 Gechev, T. M., Punov, P. B., Popular fuel cell types - a brief review (2021)
8562 Gechev, T. M., Punov, P. B., Combined cycles of SOFC/ICE and SOFC/GT – A brief review (2022)
8563 Atanasov, V. C., Stoilov, D. G., Mechkov E., Changes of iron losses during the service of distribution transformers (2022)
8564 Nikolova D., Stoilov, D. G., Russia, Ukraine and the European union’s energy future (2022)
8565 Nikolova D., Stoilov, D. G., Household energy efficiency, diversification of suppliers and renewable hydrogen production – the pillars of European energy independence (2022)
8566 Savov, K. S., Stoilov, D. G., Hadzhiyska, K. Y., Model for energy flow optimization and planning (2022)
8567 Hadzhiyska, K. Y., Stoilov, D. G., Criteria for evaluation of scenarios for national energy system development (2022)
8568 Iliev, I. T., Petrova, G. I., An Approach for Improving the Older people’s Perception of Video-Based Applications in AAL Systems – Initial Study (2022)
8569 Iliev, I. T., Petrova, G. I., State of the Art of Audio- and Video-Based Solutions for AAL (2022)
8570 Badarov, D. H., Iliev, I. T., Tabakov, S. D., Development of GSM Modem for Transfer of ECG Signals in Remote Patient Monitoring (2022)
8571 Iliev, I. T., Tabakov, S. D., Badarov, D. H., Tomchev, N. N., A Vital Parameters Monitoring System Using Capacitive Electrodes (2022)
8572 Ganev, B. B., Iliev, I. T., Jekova, I. I., Krasteva, V. T., LabVIEW ECG and Noise Simulator for Advanced Synthesis of Machine Learning Databases (2022)
8573 Iliev, I. T., Tabakov, S. D., Tomchev, N. N., An Adjustable Amplifier for Capacitive ECG Registration (2022)
8574 Ganev, B. T., Hristov, H. I., Laskov, L. B., A Popov., Marinov, M. B., Multi-sensor System for Monitoring in Agriculture (2022)
8575 Nikolov, G. T., Ganev, B. T., Fuzzy Control of Relocatable Lighting System (2022)
8576 Marinov, M. B., Dimitrov, D. M., Ganev, B. T., Todorov, G. D., Ivanov, I. V., Experimental Set-up for Sensors Selection for Early Fault Detection in Innovative Modular Li-Ion Battery Systems Related to HELIOS H2020 Project (2022)
8577 Aleksandrova, M. P., Dobrikov, G. H., Habib Pathan., Shrikrishna Sartale., Videkov, V. H., Study of front panel electrode coatings for combined visible and short wavelength infrared photodetectors (2022)
8578 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Andrey Brigadin., Alexander Lukin., Gas-Sensing Properties of a Carbyne-Enriched Nanocoating Deposited onto Surface Acoustic Wave Composite Substrates with Various Electrode Topologies (2022)
8579 Aleksandrova, M. P., Texturing of nanocoatings for surface acoustic wave based sensors of volatile organic compounds (2022)
8580 Aleksandrova, M. P., Dobrikov, G. H., Electrical Characterization of Multisensor Elements with Ferroelectric Nanocoatings (2022)
8581 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Andrey Brigadin., Alexander Lukin., Mass-Sensitive Gas Detectors Based on Bulk Micromachined Silicon Cantilevers Coated by Carbyne-Enriched Nanolayer (2022)
8582 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Dobrikov, G. H., Andrey Brigadin., Alexander Lukin., Unlocking the Carbyne-Enriched Nanocoating Sensitivity to Volatile Organic Vapors with Plasma-Driven Deposition onto Bulk Micromachined Silicon Membranes (2022)
8583 Aleksandrova, M. P., Badarov, D. H., Recent progress in the topologies of the surface acoustic wave sensors and corresponding electronic processing circuits (2022)
8584 Aleksandrova, M. P., Andreev, S. K., Design Methodology and Technological Flow of Screen Printed Thick Film Sensors (2022)
8585 Aleksandrova, M. P., Characterization of infrared detector with lead-free perovskite and core–shell quantum dots on silicon substrate (2022)
8586 Igor Vrublevsky., Nikita Lushpa., Alexander Tuchkovsky., Aleksandrova, M. P., Mikhail Bunevich., Applying Aniline for P-doping of PEDOT:PSS Films to Improve Their Conductivity and Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells (2022)
8587 Shah Shruti., Bhorde Ajinkya., Hase Yogesh., Aher Rahul., Doiphode Vidya., Waghmare Ashish., Punde Ashvini., Shinde Pratibha., Rahane Swati., Pathan Habib., Aleksandrova, M. P., Patole Shashikant., Jadkar Sandesh., Role of solvent in the preparation of Methylammonium Bismuth Iodide (MBI) perovskite films toward self-biased photodetector application (2022)
8588 Aleksandrova, M. P., Tomov, R. R., Igor Vrublevsky., Study of lead-free perovskite solar cells at elevated temperatures and UV irradiation (2022)
8589 Aleksandrova, M. P., Kolev, G. D., Habib Pathan., Sandesh R. Jadkar., Dobrikov, G. H., Fabrication and Study of Infrared Detectors with Lead-Free Perovskite Films at Different Electrode Designs (2022)
8590 Aleksandrova, M. P., Pandiev, I. M., Ajaya Kumar Singh., Implementation of 3ω method for studying the thermal conductivity of perovskite thin films (2022)
8591 Tomov, R. R., Aleksandrova, M. P., Study of lead-free perovskite photoelectric devices with TiO2 as a buffer layer (2022)
8592 S. Sreevidya., Kirtana Sankara Subramanian., Yokraj Katre., Jai Singh., Ajaya Kumar Singh., Aleksandrova, M. P., Rabah Khenata., Green Nanostructures Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterizations (2021)
8593 Seritan, G.C., Enache, B.A., Vilciu, I., Grigorescu, S.D., Mladenov, V. M., Comparison Study of Top Development Boards in the Context of IOT (2022)
8594 2. Ntalianis, K., Lepadatescu, B., Tarasov, D.A., Rudas, I.J., Niola, V., Mladenov, V. M., Mastorakis, N., Kechagias, J., Vasek, V., Why the WSEAS is Not a Predatory Publisher. Is WSEAS a Predatory Publisher? No! Of Course, No! (2022)
8595 Georgiev, S., Andonov, S., Tsenov, G. T., Mladenov, V. M., Biosignal measurements for Neurophysiological tests aimed to determine new beverage responses (2022)
8596 Dzhudzhev, B. P., Velev B., Kamenov, V. V., Non - destructive Analysis of FerromagneticMaterials by Means of Barkhausen Effect Methods (2022)
8597 Ангелов, К. Н., Деян Дамянов., ОТИМИЗИРАНЕ НА РАЗМЕРИТЕ НА J-POLE АНТЕНА (2011)
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8600 Yordanova, S. T., Petrova R., Mladenov, V. M., Neuro-Fuzzy Control for Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment (2004)