Autors: Pleshkova, S. G., Panchev.
Title: Developing a Functional Scheme of an IoT Based Module to an Acoustic Sensor Network
Keywords: acoustic sensor network; acoustic sensors; Internet of Things (IoT); IoT modules; neural networks with artificial intelligence

Abstract: Recent technologies of low-cost computing and low-power devices have opened researchers to a wide and more accessible research field, developing monitoring devices for deploying Wireless Sensor Networks. The acoustic sensor networks are very useful for the science and for the people-building smart home systems, detecting damages, studying the noise pollution in the cities or just making indoor acoustic measurements and acoustic calibrations. One of the most important parts in the acoustic sensor networks are the acoustic sensors. They provide 'the material' that the processing unit analyzes after the measurements. It is very important these acoustic sensor networks to be improved and automated. This is the main goal of this article and it brings a solution developing a functional scheme of an IoT based module. The proposed acoustic sensor will be applied in the future research works to develop algorithms for processing, analyzing and transferring the captured acoustic information in a


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International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, HiTech 2021 October 2021through 8 October 2021Code 174997, 2021, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-166544873-4 DOI 10.1109/HiTech53072.2021.9614207

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