Autors: Chuchulska B., Hristov I., Dochev, B. A., Raychev, R. P.
Title: Changes in the Surface Texture of Thermoplastic (mono-mer-free) dental materials, Due to Some Minor Alterations of the Laboratory Protocol – Preliminary Study
Keywords: Thermoplastic materials; laboratory protocol; dentures; text

Abstract: Contemporary thermoplastic monomer-free prosthetic materials are widely used nowadays and there is a great variety available on the market. These materials are of interest in terms of im-provement of the quality features of the removable dentures. The aim of this study is to establish how minimal changes in the laboratory protocol of polyamide prosthetic base materials influence the surface texture. Two polyamide materials intended for fabrication of removable dentures bases are used – Perflex Biosens (BS) and VertexTM ThermoSens (TS). A total number of 20 coin-shaped samples have been prepared. They have been injected under two different modes – regular as provided by the manufacturer and modified – proposed by the authors of this study. Scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) under four magnifications - х1000; х3000; х5000; x10000 was conducted.



    Journal Materials, vol. 15, issue 19, 2022, Switzerland, MDPI, 

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