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# Автор
8701 Romansky, R. P., Mathematical Model Investigation of a Technological Structure for Personal Data Protection (2023)
8702 Marinov, M. B., Nikolov, D. N., Ganev, B. T., Nikolov, G. T., Environmental noise monitoring and mapping (2017)
8703 Kountchev, R. K., Bekiarski, A. B., Mironov, R. P., Pleshkova, S. G., A Method for Local Contrast Enhancement of Endoscopic Images Based on Color Tensor Transformation into a Matrix of Color Vectors’ Modules Using a Sliding Window (2022)
8704 Kountchev, R. K., Mironov, R. P., Draganov, I. R., Kountcheva, R. A., Multidimensional Signal Processing and Applications-New Approaches (2023)
8705 Draganov, I. R., Mironov, R. P., Video Tracing of Moving Objects by Fusing Three-Term Decompositions (2023)
8706 Kountchev, R. K., Mironov, R. P., Nakamatsu, K., Preface - New Approaches for Multidimensional Signal Processing, NAMSP 2022 (2023)
8707 Стоилов Г. Д,., Николов, Н. Н., Стоилов, Д. Г., Изграждане на електрическа инфраструктура в близост до местообитания на защитени видове птици – част II. Съществуващи практики и правила (2022)
8708 Kuzmanov, N. I., Tsonev, V. T., Nikolov, N. D., Predictive fatigue curve of Inconel 600 wire at 700° C (2022)
8709 Schwicker, M. P., Nikolov, N. D., Fused deposition modeling: From idea to physical part (2022)
8710 Tsonev, V. T., Nikolov, N. D., Penkov, K. I., The Importance of the Initial Diameter on the Mechanical Properties of Steel Rods after Accelerated Corrosion Test (2022)
8711 Tsonev, V. T., Kuzmanov, N. I., Design, Machining and Calibration of a Strain Gauge Loadcell (2022)
8712 Gancheva, V. S., Vetova, S. M., Approach and Concept of Workflow for Animal Husbandry Data Integration and Analysis (2022)
8713 Anguelov, K. P., Kostev, R. S., Methodology for Teaching Human Resource Information Systems in the Training of Management Staff and Entrepreneurs (2022)
8714 Anguelov, K. P., Kostev, R. S., Methodology for Teaching Supply Chain Management Systems in the Training of Entrepreneurs (2022)
8715 Kostev, R. S., Anguelov, K. P., Modern methods of training in national security through Geographic Information Systems (2022)
8716 Павлов, Н. Л., Дацова, Д. И., Анализ на системите за странично наклоняване в превозните средства (2021)
8717 Miroslav Bozhkov., Petkov, P. Z., Yagi Antenna with Minimal Side-Lobe Levels for UHF (2022)
8718 Singh H., Kumar V., Saxena K., Bonev, B. G., Prasad R., Kapse V. M., Computational Intelligent method for Cloud Layer Classification using Millimeter Wave Technology for Designing of 6G Network (2022)
8719 Ангелова, Т., Василева, А. Л., Горанова, Ж., Пенов, Н., Жонисова, M., Сорбционни изотерми на екструдати от нахут (2022)
8720 Ilia I., Beloev H., Terziev, A. K., Georgiev, A. G., Novel flue gases waste heat recovery methodology avoiding wet gas cleaning technologies in thermal power plants (2021)
8721 Terziev, A. K., Panteleev, Y. P., Iliev I., Beloev H., Evaluation of the influence of the windbreak trees on the change of wind shear in weakly complex terrains (2021)
8722 Ilia I., Kowalczyk, Tomasz., Beloev H., Terziev, A. k., Jesionek, Krzysztof Jan., Badur, Janusz., An innovative method for waste heat recovery from flue gas treatment system through an additional economizer (2022)
8723 Zeynally, T., Demidov, D., Dimitrov, L. V., Prioritization of Distributed Worker Processes Based on Etcd Locks (2022)
8724 Zhmud V., Dimitrov, L. V., Trubin V., Hubert, R., Control of Object in the Loop with Feedback Using Imperfect Sensors of Position and Acceleration (2018)
8725 Dimitrov, L. V., Kanturska, S., Features in the selection and operation of AC motors for electric propulsion system in ship (2017)
8726 Nedelchev, K. I., Gieva, E. E., Kralov, I. M., Ruskova, I. N., Investigation of the Change of Acoustic Pressure in an Element of Acoustic Barrier with an Elliptical Shape (2023)
8727 Stanilov, A. S., Velichkova, R. T., Simova, I. S., Ivanov, V. V., Alexandrov, A. S., Pushkarov, M. I., Modelling of a Test-rig for the River Energy Utilization (2022)
8728 Diakov, D. I., Dicheva, R. D., Dichev, D. A., Method for increasing the accuracy of linear measurements based on a measurement-computational approach (2022)
8729 Borovska, P. I., Ivanova, D. A., Communication performance of a recirculative omega high-speed system area network for HPC (2011)
8730 Borovska, P. I., Nakov, O. N., Ivanova, D. A., K. Ivanov., G. Georgiev., Communication performance evaluation and analysis of a mesh system area network for high performance computers (2010)
8731 Ivanova, D. A., Panjaitan, S., Batchkova, I., Frey, G., IEC 61499 component based approach for batch control systems (2008)
8732 Ch. Girginov., St. Kozhukharov., Tzaneva, B. R., Durability of porous anodic alumina layers on AA1050 modified by incorporation of Cu, Ni and Cu/Ni (2022)
8733 Diakov, D. I., Komarski, D. P., Nikolov, R. F., Analysis of the Transfer Curve and the Center of Rotation of Elastic Micro-Positioning Module with Optimized Butterfly Flexures (2022)
8734 Miteva, R. P., Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Dukendjiev, G. K., Approximation of Furie Experimental Data of Straighness Standard (2022)
8735 Dukendjiev, G. K., Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Vassilev, V. A., Nikolov, R. F., Evaluation the Performance of Portable Coordinate-Measuring Systems with MSA Methodology (2022)
8736 Diakov, D. I., Kalimanova, I. I., Nikolova, H. N., Miteva, R. P., Spatial Stability Investigating and Angular Orientation Ensuring of the Laser Beams of a Dual-channel LMS (2022)
8737 Iliev, R. S., Tsalov, T. I., Investigation of the efficiency of VAWTs at different wind speeds (2023)
8738 Diakov, D. I., Kalimanova, I. I., Nikolova, H. N., Vassilev, V. A., Investigation of Factors Determining the Accuracy of Dual-channel LMS (2022)
8739 Iliev, R. S., Experimental analysis of cross-flow wind turbine with omni-directional multi-nozzle (2023)
8740 Dichev, DAD., Diakov, D. I., Zhelezarov, ISZ., Nikolova, H. N., Kupriyanov, Oleksandr., Dicheva, R. D., Accuracy Evaluation of Flat Surfaces Measurements in Conditions of External Influences (2022)
8741 Dukendjiev, G. K., Diakov, D. I., Nikolova, H. N., Vassilev, V. A., Miteva, R. P., Evaluation the Performance of Stationary Coordinate-Measuring Systems with MSA Methodology (2022)
8742 Kurtev, N. A., A Single Sensor Interior Lighting Control System for Constant Illuminance Level on Working Desks (2022)
8743 Stefanova-Stoyanova, V. V., Stoyanov, K. K., Danov, P. Y., Advantages of Applying a Multi-agent Approach in Simulation Modeling: a Data-to-Action Case Study Applied to Electricity Production (2022)
8744 Gilev, B. N., Andreev, M., Hinov, N. L., Angelov, G. V., Modeling and Simulation of a Low-Cost Fast Charging Station Based on a Micro Gas Turbine and a Supercapacitor (2022)
8745 Hinov, N. L., Handzliiev, Y. R., Comparative Analysis of Different Types Cylindrical Inductors (2022)
8746 Gilev, B. N., Hinov, N. L., Modeling Hybrid Power Supply for Autonomous Working System (2022)
8747 Gilev, B. N., Hinov, N. L., Model-Based Optimization of Resonant Inverters with Electro-Technological Applications (2022)
8748 Tchankov, G. G., Hinov, N. L., Technological and Economic Justification for the Production of Electricity through Photovoltaic Generators (2022)
8749 Postolov, B., Hinov, N. L., Iliev, A., Dimitrov, D., Short-Term Hydro-Thermal-Solar Scheduling with CCGT Based on Self-Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (2022)
8750 Hinov, N. L., New Method for Analysis and Design Consideration of Voltage Source Inverters (2022)