Autors: PleshkovaBekiarska, S. G., Джамбова, С. Т., Иванова Н.И.
Title: Comparative Measurements of Sound Insulation of Materials Placed in Small Size Acoustic Chamber
Keywords: Sound insulation, small size acoustic chamber, building acoustics, comparative measurements

Abstract: An original experimental set-up have been proposed for comparative measurements of sound insulation of building materials. As a sound source room is used a small size acoustic chamber, specially built in a real size room, which is utilized as the sound receiving room. The experimental results, obtained by this small size acoustic chamber test method are verified by standard field measurements and theoretical calculations using specialized Insul software. The agreement is very satisfactory. The described method appears to be intermediate between methods, using down - scaled acoustic chambers and real-size standard measurements. So it is concluded that it is a different and acoustically more favorable way for the aim of comparing the sound insulation properties of building elements.


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57th International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies, ICEST 202216 June 2022through 18 June 2022Code 181180, 2022, Macedonia, ISBN 978-166548500-5 DOI 10.1109/ICEST55168.2022.9828622

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