Autors: Gieva, E. E., Nedelchev, K. I., Kralov, I. M., Ruskova, I. N.
Title: Analyses of Energy Harvesting Methods and Devices for Use in Transport Noise Harvesting
Keywords: Energy harvesting , Vibrations , Acoustics , Piezoelectric materials , Generators , Resonant frequency , Micromechanical devices

Abstract: Analyses of energy harvesting methods and devices for use in transport noise harvesting is done in this study. An overall review of most often used systems for vibration to electricity energy conversion is presented. A classification of these systems is made based on comparison of their fields of application, conversion effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages. Special attention is given on possible implementation of these systems in passive transport acoustic noise barriers aiming acoustic energy harvesting as well as active noise reduction.


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2019 X National Conference with International Participation (ELECTRONICA), 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-7281-3622-6

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