Autors: Hesapchieva, S. I.
Title: Numerical study of the vibrational behaviour of a motorcycle at different castor angle
Keywords: suspension, motorcycle vibration behaviour, 6 DOF model

Abstract: The vibration behaviour of the vehicles undoubtedly affects both the smoothness of the movement and the health of the driver and passengers. In this study an in-plane dynamic model with six degrees of freedom is presented to understanding and doing evaluation of the vibration environment of the motorcycle rider and different motorcycle component bodies. The equations of motion for the model are formulated. The matrix form of the equations was written and simulations were performed in MATLAB software. The displacements, velocities and accelerations of the sprung masses of the motorcycle, seat and driver were found, taking into account the influence of the unsprung masses and the kinematics of the suspension. The vibration behaviour of the motorcycle in case of sinusoidal road disturbance at different castor angles has been studied numerically. The purpose of this paper is to determine the influence of the castor angle on the vibration behaviour of the motorcycle. The results of the wor



    , 2020, Bulgaria, Технически университет София, ISSN 1313-955X

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