Autors: Cholakova, I. N., Lozanova S., Takov, T. B., Roumenin Ch.
Title: Hall Contact Asymmetrical Dependencies of Silicon Sensors. Experimental Evidence for High-Conductive Surface Layer Formation by the Hall Effect
Keywords: Hall effect, parallel-field Hall microsensor, high-conductivity surface layer formation

Abstract: For the first time, the high-conductive surface layer formation is experimentally established by the Hall effect in silicon microsensors. The evidences of this new property are: the occurrence of a saturation tendency in the output characteristics under certain values of the magnetic induction depending on the bias current when the Lorentz force deflects the carriers to the device surface with contacts, and a linear output voltage when the polarity of the magnetic field is reversed.



    Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences, vol. 62, pp. 1455-1460, 2009, Bulgaria,

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