Autors: Tsvetkov, V. A., Spasov, G. V., Petrova, G. I.
Title: IoT solution for monitoring of data in the visible and infrared spectrum
Keywords: Ambient Intelligence, Assisted Living, Internet of Things (I

Abstract: In this paper a cost-effective combination between infrared and visible camera for thermal imaging applicable in AAL and object monitoring in smart homes is presented and demonstrated. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid surge in assisted living technologies. Internet of Things is a platform where every day devices become smarter, every day processing becomes intelligent, and every day communication becomes informative. Our implementation is based on four layers IoT architecture. The user interface provides an option for manual adjustment of the image alignment from infrared and visible cameras. Apart from manual procedure, a procedure for the automatic alignment of the images of the both cameras have been developed. The time necessary for the image data processing by the microcontroller which gathers data from the sensors or by the gateway device is estimated.



    Proc. XXIX International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2020, pp. 4, 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE, ISBN 978-1-7281-7426-6

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