Autors: Zhilevski, M. M., Mikhov, M. R.
Title: Control Device for a Type of Machine Tools
Keywords: machine tools, auxiliary drives, unit for fixed positioning, Verilog HDL, CNC

Abstract: The basic requirements for the auxiliary drives in a type of machine tools are analyzed in this paper. On this basis, an algorithm for control of the additionally introduced auxiliary drive has been developed taking into account the features of the mechanical gear, the type of the computer numerical control and the sensors used. Two approaches for control of this drive are shown, namely one with ladder diagrams and one with the Verilog hardware description language (Verilog HDL). Experimental results of the synthesized control device with Verilog HDL are presented and discussed. The research carried out and the results obtained can be used in the development of such drives for the studied machine tools.



    "Automatics and Informatics 2020" (ICAI'20), 2020, Bulgaria, Varna, IEEE Xplore

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