Autors: Nikolov, N. D., Tsonev, V. T., Penkov, K. I., Kuzmanov, N. I., Borisov, B. A.
Title: Machine for accelerated cyclic corrosion tests through alternate immersion in salt solution
Keywords: accelerated cyclic corrosion tests, alternate immersion in salt solution

Abstract: Metal structures corrosion is a problem of global economic importance. Typically, the corrosion process runs slowly, which requires accelerated methods for corrosion behaviour examination. The conditions when accelerated methods are used differ from the real ones, which affects the results obtained. One of the methods that relatively successfully reproduces corrosion in a natural atmosphere is included in the standard EN ISO 11130:2018 – Alternate immersion test in salt solution. Unlike other widespread methods, uneven corrosion occurs here, including spots and pits, which greatly affect the mechanical behaviour of the material. The commercial devices for such tests are quite expensive. This justifies the development and production of one’s own equipment as the one presented in this paper. The design, construction and production of a low-cost device are hereby described. The first results of the tests performed with this machine are also given. The corrosion rate of rods, 6 mm in diam


  1. Tsonev, V. C, Nikolov, N. D, Marcheva, Y. S, 2018,BulTrans-2018/MATEC Web of Conferences: Influence of plastic deformation of S235JR steel rods on their mechanical properties and corrosion behavior in NaCl solution, Sozopol, Bulgaria, pp.


IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., vol. 664, pp. 012016, 2019, United Kingdom, IOP Publishing Ltd, ISSN 1757-899X

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