Autors: Hesapchieva, S. I., Hlebarski, D. A., Yanachkov, G. M., Dimitrov, E. T., Georgiev, Z. A.
Title: Experimental study of motorcycle trim while braking
Keywords: motorcycle trim, braking, suspension

Abstract: The aim of the publication is to study the behavior of the motorcycle suspension in braking mode, to determine its tendency to dive and the pitch motion of the sprung masses through a road experiment. A series of experiments were carried out in which the motorcycle stopped on a dry, flat section of asphalt road. The motorcycle brakes from an initial speed of 40 km/h to a full stop. The experiment was performed in three parts – using only the front, only the rear and braking with both brakes simultaneously. The experimental data were processed in МATLAB software. The results of this study can be used to study the behavior of the motorcycle in different braking method and to calibrate mathematical models to optimize the characteristics of the suspension.



    Bultrans, 2020, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-955X

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