Autors: Kralov, I. M., Nedelchev, K. I.
Keywords: railway wheel, structural vibrations, sound pressure level

Abstract: An investigation of structural vibrations of a simplified disc model of a railway wheel is treated in this study. A numerical investigation of the structural vibrations of a finite element model of the disc is investigated using COMSOL software. An experimental setup is built and used to verify the numerical results. The excitation is caused by the impact hammer and the sound pressure is measured to obtain vibrations response. Based on the results, a method for identification of the disc structural vibrations and noise radiation is verified and few useful conclusions have been made. These results could be used in the process of future investigation and design of low-noise railway wheels.


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Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, vol. 25, issue 2, pp. 546-557, 2019, Bulgaria, SciBulCom

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