Autors: Bratovanov, N. G.
Title: SolidWorks Add-In for Motion Simulation, Layout Analysis and Collision Detection of Substrate Handling Robots
Keywords: motion simulation; layout analysis; collision detection; substrate handling robots; kinematic modeling; robot offline programming; SolidWorks add-in

Abstract: The paper is dedicated to the implementation of a tool for motion simulation, layout analysis and collision detection of substrate handling robots in the form of add-in for SolidWorks. The main goal is developing a system that allows the direct usage of standard SolidWorks robot 3D models for simulation, offline programming, analysis and optimization of automated cells, applicable in the field of semiconductor device manufacturing. The resultant system allows the simultaneous execution of design, simulation and evaluation activities, based on a single software platform, thus increasing productivity, saving time and reducing costs. The proposed add-in concept contributes to achieving a much more integrated appearance and behavior of the tool, enhancing its functionality, and eliminating issues associated with reliability and security.


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International Conference Automatics 2020, vol. 70, issue 1, pp. 29-39, 2020, Bulgaria, Proceedings of Technical University of Sofia, ISBN ISSN 1311-0829

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